Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Laws According To David

A spouse is not a spouse when you are paying your 'landlord' £950 a month (of tax payers' money) to rent a room in a house where you live with your gay partner...... who is also your 'landord'.

Don't worry though, now that David Laws has been found out he has of course immediately declared, in traditional honour amongst thieves fashion, "I regret this situation deeply, accept that I should not have claimed my expenses in this way and apologise fully."

Change the fucking record you thieving bastards!

Come on then Cleggeron let's see if you can grow a pair of balls between you, let's see if you really want to clean up Parliament then shall we. David Laws must be sacked immediately. No dilly dallying, no waiting to see what David Lyons has to say, no pontifi-fucking-cation while you wait for the fuss to die down, just fucking do it.

New broom, sweep clean ...... or the whole miserable lot of you really will be tarred with the same sleazy brush. No second chances, prove us all wrong. Show us that we were wrong, all along, in thinking that nothing has changed except the names in charge of what IS STILL a sleaze ridden and corrupt Houses of Parliament.

If you don't, there'll be a fucking riot.

Incidentally, was it a coincidence that David Laws pulled out of QT last week? Oh, and it appears that the fat poof is playing the 'gayer' card again. Why else would he 'come out' in full support of a duplicitous dick sucker?



David Vance said...

Well, even though I quite like his approach to cutting expenditure, you DO have a point and that's an excellent post. Maybe we should just hang all politicians?

gildas said...

Fuck it, what's wrong with these people? How the fuck is he supposed to get to grips with the fuck up that is the national debt (i.e sack people) when he is a greedy trougher!? Moral authority? Nil.

microdave said...

After a few weeks of (relatively) good news it seems we are back to normal. Yet more greedy barstewards crawling out of the woodwork, and idiots like Prescott becoming a Lord!

And since when did apologising for stealing tens of £thousands get you off a spell in poky?

It's no good going for a lie down, as it will be just the same when I wake up...

Anonymous said...

I regret this situation deeply, accept that I should not have claimed my expenses in this way and apologise fully."

WTF does this mean. Is he implying that "his expenses" is a right, a benefit, a salary top up, and that he should have claimed them a little more creatively?


Anonymous said...

I see The Dale person is raising
the damage limitation banner for
one of his Gay Mafia chums.
Bet Laws is glad he's not an homophobe, he'de have been sacked by now
and Dale boy would have been calling for the death penalty

Hypocrits and white washed pig stys
the festering cesspool of them.

Not Dun Yet

killemallletgodsortemout said...



Sack the cunt.

Oldrightie said...

"fat poof ". Gotty, it seems these guys stick together rather appallingly!

Blind Pugh said...

What is it about LibDem-ism that attracts the poof element so strongly? From Jeremy Thorpe onwards, they can't wait to lift a shirt albeit in strict hidden closeted privacy.

Laws should have his balls cut off and stuffed in his non-partner's gob. Then the pair of cunts should be set fire to as an example pour les autres shitebags.

Anonymous said...

His email address is:

taken from his website if anyone wants to tell him directly. Which I'm sure 100s already have.

JohnRS said...

"A real man shoots his own dawg" - so I would expect WotsIsName to get rid of Laws today. He's just another thieving little trougher no different from all the others we've had paraded in front of us since last summer. It'll be interesting to see if there are any cojones in LimpDimland.

However if that doesnt happen than CallMeDave should do the deed. It's his government - no matter what the LimpDims think.

Either way I think we should get an apology from WotsIsName for the snotty comments he made through the election campaign about how his herd of pigs were whiter than white compared to the others. They're all just as bad as each other.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with his sexuality he has been using the public purse to pay his partner.

Houdini said...

£40k buys lots of blow jobs, and lots of shit hole poking with cocks and fists doesn't it?

No doubt that cunt Dale of the bender nazis will be bleating about how he is just misunderstood.

WV: derhole

Houdini said...

Fuck me backwards... Teach me to read my blog list before I speak.

Just been over to Mrs Dales and the cunt is getting all weepy about how hard done he and every other cock sucker is by virtue of being a cock sucker...woe is was so difficult...feel sorry for us...we are misunderstood...we want special treatment...we take it up the arse so must be good...we suck other mens cocks so cannot be dishonest etc. etc. etc. typical cock sucing arse stabbing homonazi cunt.

Laws stole 40k of tax payers money and gave it to the man whose cock he was sucking, simple as. Now fuck off and resign you dishonest cunt.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more Houdini, that's why there's a link to the 'fat poof's hissy fit' in my post ;-)

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Fat Poof Dale is blowing all those rumours of the "Gay Mafia" right out of the water, isn't he. Or should that be "blowing off". Oh, I dunno ;-)

Besides that, I agree with David Vance's final sentence. Hang 'em all. It's cheaper than going to cricket and is in keeping with the UN's "Agenda 21".

w/v = chock. No really.