Saturday, 29 May 2010

+++ Breaking Bye Laws +++

What a fucking shame, it appears that David Laws has been outed for the second time within 24hours. Sky News has just reported that 'get the fuck out' letters have been exchanged this evening between the 40k gay trougher and 10 Downing Street.

Once again, cue the 'fat poof' who is terribly sad apparently.



Blind Pugh said...

No doubt the douchebag will be brought back into the cabinet eventually, just like that other mincing nancyboy, Peter Mandelson. Presumably the pooves have pictures of their leaders eating live babies or similar to thus enable them to rise like faeces-soiled phoenixes every time they're caught thieving from the House of Commons till. I hope this cunt and his equally cunty "non-partner" get cancer of the wallet.

Houdini said...

Been over leaving various messages at Dales.

I don't see how this fuckers cock sucking and wanting to keep taking it up the shitter was an excuse for fiddling the taxpayers.

Captain Haddock said...

The thieving bastard deserves to be "offed" .. never mind "outed" ..

Blind Pugh said...

Was I right? Or was I right? This hot from the BBC News website:-

David Laws took the right decision to quit over his expenses but has the talent to return to government, Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith says.

These cunts think it's OK to steal, say "sorry" and carry on as though nothing happened. Arrogant fucking bastards.

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiot.
You know the rest.

rinky stingpiece said...

Seems obvious to me that Danny Alexander is there to be a whipping boy for the cuts (hint: he's a PR man); Dave "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is" Laws' strategies will be implemented, and Alexander will take the flak, and be "reshuffled" later in the year once Dave "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is" Laws is sufficiently "safe" for a comeback.

rinky stingpiece said...

...still doesn't change the fact that he licks a cocktail of sperm, faeces, pus, and blood from this man's erect saliva-coated penis:

Dave will have plenty of time now to get back to chewing Lundie's undies, and may now get a turn filling his landlord's hairy chequebook with his worm snot.

some pics:

I reckon the young lad's definitely the dolly and Laws the butch... I can imagine there'll be some angry twinking in store for Jim-lad

"I think that when you get stretched, doing a whole series of different things, the risk is that you do them all in a fairly average way. More than most people I know, I have a clear view of what I want to achieve over any period of time. I tend to be quite brutal"

gildas said...

I don't give a toss if he's gay, straight or none of the above. What I do give a toss about is why he's trousered £40K. If anyone can explain why wanting to keep your sex life private means it's OK to fiddle your expenses, I'd like to hear how. Question. I live with my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife in their house. I Do I genuinely rent the upstairs room, or is that a sham. If it's a sham, the claiming rent = fraud. Period. What has being gay got to do with any of that?