Friday, 7 May 2010

Highlight of Election Night ++Update++

Jacqui Smith close to tears after being voted out.

The lardy arsed, kebab eating, trough snouting, rancid rasher of Redditch has been booted off the gravy train along with that wrist flicking porno watcher (at the tax payers' expense) fuckwit of a husband of hers.


Now fuck the fucking fucketty fuck off and don't come back. Oh and don't forget to pay the money back while your at it even if we have to accept a pound a week from your McDonalds 'sweep and clean' job, at the Redditch drive thru, which you'll be starting on Monday.

That's the only bit of good news that I can see.

The STILL unelected, bogey biting, squiffy eyed, drug ridden, bully boy from the land of deluded fucktards has nailed his cock to the Downing Street bunker door and is refusing to budge.

Gordon Brown.... will you please just fuck off.

And another thing.
If Brown resigns and some other cunt like SilliMillpede takes over, and jumps into bed with Cleggover, that'll mean yet another unelected Prime Minister we've been lumbered with.

Just saying.


Still no sign of Pickfords arriving at No10 yet after Gordon Brown's 'Cleggy Cock Sucking' speech in Downing Street. Talking about begging. The snot gobbler would sell anything he could get his hands on, at the moment, if he thought he could stay in power.

Talking of which I've just taken 5/1 at PaddyPower for a LibLab government, amazingly generous odds considering the grovelling that's going on. I'd hurry if I were you, those odds will shorten pretty quickly. Just for the record.... Con/LibDem is showing 9/4 and a Conservative minority 1/2.



Catosays said...

Looks like the Tories will cosy up with the LibDums...from The Times...latest.

Oldrightie said...

Shit Malik and McNulty, delicious!

Indyanhat said...

Usual incisive comment GOT!

The Grim Reaper said...

Fuck this. I'm gonna try and find some time in my schedule to see if I can get him out of Downing Street using my scythe.

Though what are the odds the cunt will answer me by going "don't kill me, I saved the world! Have you got Tony Blair's number, by any chance?"

Anonymous said...

Too be honest, although I am celebrating that that thieving bitch ex-Second Home Secretary Jacky Spliff (and bath plug) has got her comeuppance, I'm even more delighted that her wanking, porno watching waste of space hubby, Dick Fatso, will no longer be defrauding the taxpayers of £40K p.a. (plus perks). Watch & wait for one marriage to go down the tubes now that he finds out he's expected to earn a living & support the family - you heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Any videos of Smith weeping her crocodile tears? I'd enjoy watching that. So fuck right off & take your ID cards with you. Oh, and think about losing some weight Blubberchops!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to that Cow,on another note though big disappointment that troughing bitch from Salford got back in,er Hazlenut Blears

Anonymous said...

The overall result was always on the cards, but boy oh boy was it a poor showing by Cameron leading up to election day itself. How the hell he didn't manage to win outright, is beyond the reasoning of my feeble like abilities, to readily make sense of his overall campaign in general.

Mind, we'll be doing it all again within eighteen Months or so, as the chances of either the Tories or Labour working in harmony with the Liberal Democrats on a long term basis, are practically nil.

Mirtha Tidville said...

Dave will be happy with the Dims..he shares their views and values......fuckwit

Amusing Bunni said...

What a nightmare! At least that hag is gone.
The live blogging was fun, I hope you all aren't too hung over! Cheers.

Bannerman said...

Good night on the blog thanks GOTTY. Has it really come to this what a mess. Passport office here I come!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about her we will be funding her big lard arse pension till she snuffs it.
Next trip for her will be the divorce courts, it would all never have happened but for the hubby.

Houdini said...

That mussy cunt Malik...oh yesssss, and surely that fucking idiot Cameron can't really contemplate making a deal with the Dums? His best chance for the future is to get Brown back in Number 10; another election in a few months after he has a vote of no confidence after making thousands redundant and interest rates rise, and the Labour party is bankrupt now so can't afford it, to sweep a Tory Government to power with a good majority.

The fucking idiot looks like he can't wait to stand on the steps of Number 10.

Let Brown has it for a few months you cunt!

Barking Spider said...

Houdini's hit the nail on the head - that would be the best plan - let Brownfinger take the rap for his own shit when all the chickens come home to roost and the result will be Labour's extinction!

Get Smart said...

Houdini's is spot on but the though of power to Call me Dave is to much.
Fool he will form a government with the Dims do all liebours dirty work loose next time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too like the idea of Brown forming a Government with the LibDems which will then completely fuck everything up. Not that there's much fucking left to do. This will result in Socialism being consigned to the political dustbin for a least a generation as no fucker will trust them again.

No pain, no long term gain.

Boggart Blog said...

Bad Bert GOT, the Boggart Blog resident bookie says you should have got 25s against a LibLab coalition.
Clegg might be naive but he's not a dickhead. David Steel will have warned him what happens when you do deals with Labour even if he has not heard theswishing of Mandy and "Deadward" Milliband sharpening their backstabbing knives.

If Clegg kept Brown in power the Lib Dems would be wiped out at the October 2010 election.