Sunday, 31 October 2010


Not much to say about it other than I don't miss those snotty nosed little bastards, knocking on my fucking  door, every five twatting minutes, the other 364 days of the fucking year.

"Trick or Treat mister?"

"Fuck off!"

However, I did like the way that bloke carved a pumpkin with a Glock, over at ASE's place .... fucking awesome. That led me to find another handy top tip video on how to 'kill' a pumpkin ....

Lovin' the 4 x 2 technique and the shotgun, of course ;-)

Happy fucking Halloween ... and if there are any other short arsed little fuckers left, that want to swing around my place trick or treating, then please use the bell push.

It's wired to the mains.

What a treat!


Quote Of The Day

"We had token Tory Iain Dale on who could be relied upon to join in the BBC mockery of the Tea Party people in the States and true to form he lived down to expectations. (Hope the cheque is a good one, Iain) .... we have a Conservative joining with with Dame Helena Kennedy and Marr himself in denigrating those in the Tea Party. Let's see their faces on Wednesday morning ... A guilty Jew, a gay Conservative - the BBC picks its guests very carefully."
Vance on Dale on Marr

More here and the comments are very enlightening too, especially the one about the apparent criteria of how the BBC production staff choose their guests ;-)


Harriet Harman And Equality

I wasn't even going to bother giving blog space to that hateful Harriet Harman, after her totally hypocritcal and duplicitous behaviour regarding that 'ginger rodent' business*. Especially as other bloggers, such as this one, have already expressed their feelings on her red hypocrisy more than adequately. Then I thought, 'fuck it', that minority supporting shitwipe, of a shitbag of a socialist, is always banging on about equal rights and shit, so here's my contribution. What's good for the fucking goose is good for the fucking gander and all that ...

* I see that the BBC are in full damage limitation mode again then. FFS!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday Late Night WTF!

What the fuck, indeed ... or have I just led a sheltered life?
Howd she doo dat? Or is she just taking the piss?

Anyhow, don't forget to put your cocks clocks back tonight chaps ... and as for the laydees ... well, that'll give you an extra hour to come up with yet another way of making sure we'll never fucking understand the fairer sex ;-)


Saturday Captions : Fuck EU Edition

Is it just me or does Angela Merkel look like she's sporting a humungus bogie, in this photograph? Or maybe it's a wispy moustache and the German Chancellor just forgot to shave that morning? Either way, fuck knows what David Cameron is discussing with her, in Brussels yesterday, but I'm sure you'll have some pretty good ideas ;-)

Click pic to enlarge and examine Merkel's top lip ... urrrgh!


Friday, 29 October 2010

Thank Fuck It's Friday [Part 15]

Another 5 days of fury over and done and the weekend starts here! Mind you the fucking clocks got back this week .... what the fuck's that all about then ... apart making everyone drive home in the bastard dark, I just can't see the fucking point. Twats!

Meanwhile, I've a few things that might help banish the Friday night frown this week. Let's kick off with a video for all you white van drivers out there.
Altogether now ... "right in the middle of the fucking road ..."

Free copy of The Sun goes to Ampers for spotting that one ;-)

Then we have this year's 'must have' christmas* toy, spotted by Captain Ranty in the Tripoli branch of Toys aRse, on a shelf next to the Gordon Brown punchbag and the Taliban blow up doll ....
click image to enlarge
And finally,  for those of you who have important things to do outside over the next couple of days, with thanks to Microdave, we can now bring you the finer details of this weekend's weather forecast.

click to *ahem* enlarge even more ;-)
Whoa!! ..... fuck me!!
Who gives a fuck about the weekend weather forecast anymore ......

*Yes that's 'christmas', you righteous fuckwits. Not 'winterval' or 'yule festival' or whatever the fuck else you 'don't offend islam', minority loving mongs want us to call it this fucking year! Fuck off!


Merseyside Police Beat Stab Victim

This jaw dropping video is 4 minutes 37 seconds of CCTV footage, taken by the cameras of Liverpool City Council, as 3 Merseyside police officers come to the 'aid' of Darren Grace who they had found staggering around Stanley Park, disorientated and bleeding. He had recently been the victim of a stab wound to the head during a party at a house nearby.

What follows next is almost un-fucking believable.
Watch it all, if you can stomach it, even the WPC has a fucking go ....

Even more un-fucking-believable, according to the full report in the Liverpool Echo, is that after this 'event' Darren Grace was initially charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer.

What the fuck!

However, those charges were eventually dropped when the Crown Prosecution Service saw the tape and realised there wasn’t enough evidence “to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction”.

No fucking shit Sherlock!

Superintendent Mike Shaw, from Merseyside Police’s Professional Standards Department, said "As a police force we expect the highest standards from our officers ... In this case I understand that members of the public will be concerned when watching this footage. However I would like to stress that CCTV images can never show the whole story."

You have got to be shitting me. What the fuck I have just watched there then? A kind bobby helping a frail old lady across the road? Oh, just do fuck off.

And another thing if "CCTV images can never show the whole story", how the fuck is it that the police can charge and prosecute members of the public, whilst using CCTV footage as key evidence.

Which the fuck is it it then Mikey baby? Is CCTV footage allowable as evidence or not? No, don't bother bastard well answering that. We can kinda guess what the response will be, eh.

Incidentally, no charges have yet been brought against any of the officers involved .. in fact they haven't even been suspended yet. The incident happened on August 1st.

I'm off for a lie down.


Part Of The Union

Following the events of the last few weeks, I'm surprised that no-one has taken the opportunity to have some Red Ed mockery using that old song from the 70's ...
'Part of the Union' by The Strawbs.

So here you go ...

Apologies for this video not being on EyeTube yet, due to my continuing internet access problems.
I'll update the post as soon as I've managed to upload it there ;-)


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cameron's EU Referendum Sidestep

European President Herman Van Rompuy intends to use a report on the economic crisis to press for sweeping reforms that will ‘strengthen economic governance in the EU’.
But there's no need for us all to panic of course because David Cameron has pledged to introduce a ‘referendum lock’, that will require a referendum on any new treaty which transfers powers from Britain to the EU.

Err .... hang on a fucking minute though ... what's this?
Mr Van Rompuy also suggests that ministers should sidestep calls for a new treaty and try to force through the new measures using existing powers under the Lisbon Treaty.
Fuck you Rompuy! Dave says we can have a referendum so there won't be any side-fucking-stepping in the UK, do you hear, you unelected Belgian fuckwit of a clown!

Err .... hang on a fucking minute though ... what's this?
Downing Street has indicated that David Cameron may be prepared to trade agreement on a new treaty in return for a deal to cap the EU’s runaway budget.

We are so fucked!


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MSM Tuesday 26/10/10

It's been a while since Gotty last gave me some space on this blog, but as the ConDems seem to be just as bad (if not worse) than the last lot, I thought I would try and find a few snippets to cheer us all up. It hasn't been an easy task ..... firstly let this be a warning!
Unwanted penis tattooed on man's back
October 26, 2010 - 9:11AM

A Queensland man faces criminal charges after allegedly tattooing a 18" long penis onto his mate’s back. Police have charged a 21-year-old man from Bundamba, near Ipswich, with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and one offence relating to the public safety act.

He will appear in Ipswich Magistrates Court on November 15. It will cost the 25-year-old alleged victim about $2000 to remove the lewd tattoo. It depicts a 18" long image of a penis and a misspelled slogan implying the man is gay. Police said the pair had a disagreement before the tattooing.

Ipswich Detective Constable Paul Malcolm said the victim was mortified by what happened to him.

‘‘The victim wasn’t interested (in a tattoo) at first but he was talked into it and he said he wanted a Yin and Yang symbol with some dragons,’’ Detective Malcolm told the Queensland Times today.

‘‘The bloke started doing the tattoo and there was another bloke standing there watching saying, ‘Mate, it’s looking really good.’

‘‘He was told not to go out into the sun and not to show anyone for a few weeks.
‘‘When he got home he showed it to the person he lives with and she said: ‘I don't think it’s the tattoo you were after’.’’

Next to all the bird lovers out there I have found the idea pet for our host ....

.... and it appears the bird is making a comeback in this neighbourhood:

Then there was the middle aged lady, who on reaching a certain age, decides to have a spot of cosmetic surgery down below... a bit of nip and tuck if you will.

When she wakes after surgery, there are three bunches of flowers on her table. She says to the nurse "Oh they're lovely, who are they from?"

The nurse replies "The first are from your surgeon, for being such a wonderful patient." "The second are from your husband, he wishes you a speedy recovery and is looking forward to touching the sides again." "And the third are from Eric in the Burns Unit to say thanks for the new ears."

Some of you may already have spotted the following clip which I posted on EyeTube, but if not have a chuckle:

Lastly I read that Brits have been bothering residents of a well known Austrian village by calling up and asking "Is that Fucking" ... and then laughing at them down the phone. Residents are upset over the amount of calls they receive from, often, drunk callers.

Mayor Siegfried Hauppl said: 'I don't know why the English have to go on about it all the time - we are always in the news but we are just a little village - we want to be left in peace.'

Though the article points out that the mayor of a Village in Switzerland, called Wank, told the Fucking residents to use their name as tourism since the Wank Guest House is always full.

Still, it could be worse - how do you think the residents of this place feel?


Giant Red Stag Shot Dead For Antlers

It was with great excitement, this morning, that I read the headline "Giant Red Stag Shot Dead For Antlers", so I hurriedly clicked through to take a look. For I was desperate to see that picture of two jags, two shags and his giant lardy arsed bulk, sprawled lifeless on the ground.

But no, apparently they were referring to another giant red stag, and alas John Prescott is still alive and troughing ... complete with antlers.


Monday, 25 October 2010

Kerry McCarthy Guilty Of Electoral Fraud

Many of you will remember a post I did back in April about Kerry McCarthy illegally publishing postal vote results online, via her twatter account, a week before the General Election polling day. The results were also tweeted via the official Labour Party twitter feed ... here's a copy of a screen grab that I took at the time:

One of the regular commentors, here on G.O.T., helped me out by complaining directly to Avon and Somerset police at the time and, after nearly 6 months he has finally received this reply:

Dear Mr xxxx

Your communication regarding Ms Kerry McCarthy MP

I understand that you have expressed concerns or made a complaint about Ms McCarthy prematurely posting the results of a General Election postal ballot on Twitter. I hope you will accept our apologies for the delay in our response to you. As you would expect we had to carry out a thorough and complete investigation into this matter and it was further complicated by the need for it to be referred to a Special Case Team of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in London who have specific responsibility for deciding on investigations involving the electoral process and operate completely independently of the police.

However, the case is now concluded and the CPS have advised that Ms McCarthy should receive a caution from Avon and Somerset Police. This took place at a Bristol Police Station today 25th October 2010.

Your sincerely

Economic Crime Team
Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Oh for fuck's sake!
I don't know about anyone else but I hardly think that a caution is sufficient for someone who is obviously guilty of electoral fraud, do you? Why should Kerry McCarthy, once heralded as the Labour Party Twitter twatter tsar by the pant pissing unelected prime mentalist, be allowed to sweep such a serious crime under the carpet like this.

Help spread the word and let as many people know about this outcome as possible and, in the meantime, you might like to have your say in the comments below.

Go on, do your fucking worse, you know you want to ;-)


Message To Hellesdon Hospital Norwich

Oi! Hellesdon Hospital in Norwich!
Will you stop wasting tens of thousands of pounds, of tax payers' money, on these 'Sit and Slim' vibrating Miruji chairs. Just how many of these fuckers are you intending to buy, using our cash, at £5,000 a fucking pop anyway? 

On second thoughts, I don't want to know, I'm trying to keep the blood pressure down today. Oh, and don't give me all that bollocks about how much cheaper they will be compared to forking out £15,000 for some fat fuck or other to have a gastric band fitted instead.

Fuck the chairs, fuck the gastric bands ... just tell all the fat bastards to get up off their lardy fucking arses, get some regular excercise and stop filling their gargantuan gut buckets with pizzas, pork pies, takeaways, coca-fucking-cola and any other junk shite they've been shoveling down their gullets. That way they'll save money, we'll save money and the fat twats will get shot of all that fucking lard they're carrying around.

Now get back to work, fuck the chairs off, fuck the gastric bands off, and re-direct our money to pay for much more vital resources, that will benefit the more deserving people who really are sick ... and not just self-fucking indulgent, tardy blubber mountains.

I thank you.


Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Fuckwittery Continues

Here are five more pieces of fuckwittery that'll be almost guaranteed to wipe the that smile off your face and quickly raise the temperature of your piss to boiling point. All five of the fuckwittering fuckers had me screaming 'fuck off' at my, now spittle splattered, widescreen monitor .... then rushing off to pressure wash and steam clean the garden path.


Government plans to sell off nearly one million acres of Britain's forests
Legislation protecting Forest of Dean, Sherwood Forest and other ancient woodlands, some included in the 1215 Magna Carta, are likely to be changed to give private firms the right to cut down trees.

Top tips to help you Green your Halloween
Halloween creates a lot of waste, dropped sweet wrappers, discarded plastic masks, and unwanted pumpkins. Fear not! Ecologically minded websites are giving us all tips on how to protect the environment, this Halloween.

Slot Gob's sister converts to Islam after a holy experience
"It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy. Now I don’t eat pork and I read the Koran every day. I’m on page 60."

No more beef, cheese, tea and coffee it'll help combat climate change
We must eat more vegetables and pulses to reduce food transportation and start using microwave ovens and pressure cookers to reduce energy consumption, say the Government food police.

Plainclothed traffic wardens in unmarked cars issuing parking fines
London council continues using covert tactics despite the Parking and Traffic Appeals service overturning the fines issued by non-uniformed officers.


Saturday, 23 October 2010

La Voiture Burqa

Spotted on the streets of Paris and no doubt on its way to the UK any time soon ....


Friday, 22 October 2010

Thank Fuck It's Friday [Part 14]

The weekend starts here which means I've managed to survive yet another week on the internet without my broadband connection, no thanks to B-fucking-T who have now been royally fucked the fuck off,  but the dongle thing is just about hanging on in there. Although I'm getting rather pissed off with having to re-boot the bastard thing once an hour or so. Ah well, beggars can't be choosers, eh.

So, as usual, red wine will be taken in industrial quantities while I kick back and reflect on a fairly typical shit stick of a week. Have a great weekend yourselves, wherever you happen to be on the internet ....

Click image to view the ridiculously large version

PS. I'd give a hat tip to the sad twat that spent hours and hours putting this map together in the basement of his mother's house but can't find out who the fuck is responsible for it. Perhaps the 'billy no mates geek' just doesn't want us to know ;-)

Wayne Rooney Signs New Contract

Why the fuck is that brain dead, talentless, overpaid, uncouth, Man Utd football player, Wayne Rooney ... headline news at the moment? From what I can see he hasn't 'saved the world' or committed mass murder, or any such shit, all Wayne Rooney has done is sign a new contract, for fucks sake.  What the fuck is that all about? So the thick monkey boy look-a-likee can use a pen! Who the fuck cares? Aren't there more important things worthy of being breaking news than some half baked fuckwit, screwing the public for all the money they can get? We already have the banks doing that don't we.

Pikey cunt.

Image nicked from here ;-)


What's Nick Clegg Looking at ....

.... or is that primary school kid trying to teach him something?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Piss Boiler Of The Day

Those do-gooding, righteous, minority supporting mongtards really are taking the fucking piss this time.' Tear down that extractor fan, the smell of cooked bacon offends muslims', they cry.

Oh, for fucking fuck's sake ... that's another bladder full of piss that's about to boil dry then. I'm off out for a bacon sarnie before it get's too fucking hot in here.

Packet of smokey bacon to Dazed and Confused for the video ;-)


Climate Change Deniers Day

I recently watched some PowerSmart climate change tv commercials and they kind of got me thinking .... why should it just be the tree hugging, tofu eating, warmists that have their own climate change events. You know the sort of thing..... save this, stop using that, poor ickle polar bear days .... and shit. And who can forget those 10:10 eco terrorists, with their day of global doing, including that video which threatened to blow up up anyone (including children) that didn't believe in all that man made global warming bollocks.

So... "fuck it!", I thought ..... how about a climate change Deniers Day?

A chance for the rest of us to display our total disregard for that 'science is settled' nonsense and turn things on their head. A day where, instead of saving 10%, we can go about our normal everyday business using an extra 100% or more .....

What do you reckon .... an idea you could warm to perhaps?


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Slash Wednesday

Here's my proposal for a few government cuts. Especially those New Labour fuckwits that have been fiscal fucking us all for the last 13 years. And, I dare say, a few more of those 650 dishonourable Mps.

Just saying.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ministry of No Defence ++Updated++

Not much else to say really, apart from the fact that we seem to have taken a giant step towards Cameron's dream of an all-in-one EU Defence Force Farce. In the meantime, this once proud nation appears to be at the mercy of any hostile crackpot who possesses a potato gun or a blunt pencil.

That is all.


Via Ampers we learn that:
Israel spends £9 billion annually on procurement and has a staff of 400 people to do it. Britain spends £10 billion annually on procurement and has a staff of 23,700 people to do it.
Right then, in that case, let's fuck off 23,000+ back room civilian staff* and set about equipping our armed forces properly ..... without removing any of our front line personnel.

*Obviously keep the one that I know personally because he's a good chap ;-)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

This Is A Joke Right?

Surely this bloke Mitch Benn has got to be shitting me. Hasn't he?

"I'm happy to announce I'm proud of the BBC", he says.
He's even made a video about it and you can download the single on iTunes and everything .... he says.

What the fuck!  Nah .... this is a wind-up, surely ....

Yeah ... he's just taking the piss. He must be. I mean, who in their right mind would also go to all the trouble of  producing a T-shirt to go with it. You know, one like this, which you'd spend  money designing and producing, in the hope that you can sell shit loads of them and make a tidy profit .....

Nah .... this is a wind-up, surely. I mean no-one is ever going to buy one of those fuckers, are they. It'd be fucking pointless to even think of making them. Wouldn't it.

Hmmm .... please tell me this a joke.


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Matt Wardman Wire Less : Where's He Gone?

The highly respected Wardman Wire and Matt Wardman websites are both showing the same message .... "This account has been suspended". His Twitter and Facebook accounts are still active but neither have recent entries.

Any ideas?

Bloggers, in general, seem to be dropping like flies at the moment.

What the fuck is going on?

Is this thing contagious? Do I need to disinfect my google reader or something?


Friday, 15 October 2010

Beer Holder Of The Week

Normally I prefer my beer chilled but on this occasion I'm definitely prepared to make an exception. Where the fuck can I get one? ..... complete of course.

Have a great weekend all.


Tip of the err ... well, you know what I mean ...
to Captain Haddock for the product placement ;-)

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Geert Wilders Not Guilty

On all counts.

Not guilty of discriminating against Muslims.
Not guilty of inciting hatred.
Not guilty of group insult.

Fucking brilliant result!

More details here

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Fabio Capello : Exclusive Interview

If you thought there had been some football on this week, you were wrong .... England were playing. However, Grumpy Old Twat's Chief Sports Reporter, Gildas Axelrod, managed to grab a quick post match interview with the England manager Fabio Capello:

Capello in a typically Alan Partridge stance
relaxing in his hotel room post match

Axelrod: Fabio, obviously it’s a disappointing result ...
England 0 Lady Boys of Bangkok 0 ... what went wrong?

Capello: No....eeeeee....ahhh.....yeees... I think they

Axelrod: Fabio, why are England such shit?

Capello: Scusi!?

Axelrod: You know. Utter and complete fucking shite. Merde. Scheisse. Merda. Why is that?

Capello: think....yeees...maybe eeeess pressure...

Axelrod: Do you think it’s cos you’re a cack handed Italian twat that nobody can understand? Or are the players just total shit anyway?


Axelrod: That was Colleen Rooney, Fabio. Wayne’s been in the changing room shagging grannies all evening.

Capello: She play well....maybe...yeees...good catalogue maybe...

Axelrod: Do you think it was a mistake not to name the team until forty minutes into the second half?

Capello: No...eees no

Axelrod: Fabio, a lot has been made of your inability to speak good English. Do you think it could be a factor?

Capello: Scusi? I no...errr.......yeeeees....maybe...I think problem, no.

Axelrod: Fabio, can you tell us how much you earn?

Capello: It’s a six million pounds a year basic with a euro lock in currency exchange hedge, coupled with a no win full fee index linked under performance bonus of 200 per cent with an integrated transnational image right package paid via a specially incorporated Single Purpose Vehicle domiciled in the Cayman islands for maximum tax efficiency plus car and pension.

Axelrod: I think that says it all. Thank you.

Capello: Grazi. Now vaffanculo!

Axelrod: Itie twat!

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On Second Thoughts .....

click to enlarge (fnarr, fnarr)

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

National Schools Film Week : Fail

Whoopee fucking do!
It's National Schools Film Week and it starts today!

Cue an enormous list of grant spewing quangos and other assorted do-gooders to join the illustrious list of participating partners. Including CBBC, of course.

"Right then, all we need now is a decent webshite address and we're up and running", shouts a tax payer funded, pimple faced PR twat as he blows across his steaming cup of Starbucks.

" ..... that should do it!"

Oh, for fuck's sake where do they get these fuckwits from. I mean, is it because these PR pricks are taking the piss or simply that they just haven't got a fucking clue what's going on in the real world? Either way, I do hope that all the better enlightened parents can make sure that 'little Johnny' and 'sweet little Jane' don't enter the wrong suffix and end up at '' ..... that'd be a bit fucking embarrassing all around, once the little darlings had clapped their eyes on the 'slightly raunchier' films that are on offer there, eh ;-)

Spotted here by our undercover nsfw specialist, Microdave.

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The Final Words Of Anna Raccoon

I received an email from Anna Raccoon this morning asking me to publish her reply to the eulogy that I posted yesterday, which attracted so many well deserved comments from supporters of her now deleted blog. This, of course, I have done with pleasure .....

I am humbled, truly.

Reading through these comments I am reminded of the many exceptional people that exist on the internet. Good people, talented writers – yes, you Gildas – don’t you dare give up! – and big hearts.

Unfortunately, there are also a myriad of talentless, embittered souls, the pimply faced youths of Andrew Marr’s comment, spewing bile and negativity, metaphorically pulling the legs off any spider they happen to pass – just because they can. Because it’s free. Because it is a lawless area. As it should be – and that very freedom that they abuse will be at risk one day because of them.

I am not speaking of the obsessive adolescent ramblings of John Demetriou and his imaginary friend - ‘only I can see you Kevin’. They are pussy cats compared to the truly deranged that are out there in the blogosphere – I understand they are claiming credit for the demise of my blog – unfortunately I never read them, it was only after I had closed the blog that they wrote their latest poison missive and someone pointed me in that direction thinking that they had punctured my hide terminally. No such luck Demetriuzela.

No, out there in the ether, there are some seriously dangerous people, who targeted me many months ago for daring to hold a different opinion from them. They didn’t just ‘out’ me, they have continued to dig obsessively into my life, fantasising where they were unable to obtain information. They imagine, I suppose, that they were hurting me, punishing me for not agreeing with them. In fact the damage is far wider than that. They also cause intense pain amongst those I am related to. For although I have not known my family, they are out there, and had started the long journey of truth seeking which is a search for far flung members of your family.

They too, were Googling, and reading that I was a paedophile, a government agent, a ‘sleeper’ planted in the blogosphere to prevent the truth emerging (Jesus!) – faux psychiatric reports on me emerged, discussing the severe mental illness that apparently occasioned my adopting ‘different disguises’ – the allegedly ‘eminent psychiatrist’ responsible for that one had obviously never come across a woman who had been married three times and changed her name each time in accordance with British law! My National Health records were accessed - I know there are laws against this sort of thing, but the people concerned are mentally ill. Laws won't stop them.

My unknown family learnt that everything I did was in shallow pursuit of ‘hits’, that nobody ever linked to my work because they liked it, only because I had ‘brown nosed’ them. They learnt that I only ‘claimed’ to be a Quaker.

I could go on but I shan’t. Suffice it to say, that nervous as they were about making contact anyway, they have decided that it would be better not to have contact with such a patently despicable creature as me. That pains me for myself and them. I, in turn, realised that much of what has been written about me is because I had become better known. Others have had dissenting voices, but not the thousands of readers, so I became a particular target – and that could only get worse as time went on.

It has been like a lead weight on my shoulders, knowing that every day as I tried to write, amongst you good people there were also these utter snakes who visited the blog only to see what they could purloin, twist, plagiarise, take out of context, cause mischief with, denigrate. Last week-end I was plagued with e-mails demanding this and demanding that as the price of not writing any more about me. It completely overshadowed my delight at the Sheila Martin result. I stared at the screen for hours, feeling very, very alone in my battle with these people, and finally decided to just 'pull the plug'.

There is an intensely negative side to the Blogosphere; confrontational, aggressive. I had hoped to establish a political blog that was not so testosterone driven, where women – 50% of the public – were welcome. Some will say I should have stood up to the bullies, that letting them win is, well, letting them win – but the personal price I was paying was too high for me.

I have stood up to them for a long time, my illness started at the end of last year; there have been many days when the only thing I have done is write the blog, only to read from Demetriou that there was nothing wrong with me, my ‘alleged illness’ was merely a ‘drive for hits’, and then creep back to bed, pausing only to throw breakfast up on the way as I struggled to live through the treatment. Hashimoto Disease for your information you pathetic little dolt Demetriou.

I didn’t make any closing statement for precisely that reason – I knew that anything I said would be quoted and misquoted, pilloried by the likes of Demetriou. It wouldn’t have been my choice and was not with my permission that Obnoxio made the statement he did; but now that he has done and it has engendered this gracious response from Gildas and the many kind comments, it is only fair to say farewell. I shan’t be back, there is no cache of my work, no record, nothing for anyone to tease apart and take another meaning from, no more fun to be had baiting Anna Raccoon, she no longer exists. Nor will I be writing under any other name or on any other web site as some have suggested.

The air is fresher in the real world, it is full of real people (here in France anyway!) that wish you nothing but well. They seek to heal, not hurt, to help not hinder. They are honest and truthful, not furtive and secretive. When they do have feuds it is over something important like the menu for the Rugby Club dinner.

So if you’ll excuse me folks, I’m back off to gulp great lungfuls of fresh air.

Fare thee well folks ....
you were some of the best commentators to appear on any blog.

+++ UPDATE+++

Gotty says : Former contributors of her blog have just launched an "open home for all the fans of Anna Raccoon, hopefully to allow the continuation of the spirit of her blog".  Why not pop over and take a look to see what would have happened if the Chilean miners had been trapped in a British mine ;-)


Chilean Mine Rescue : BBC Fail

Over the last couple of days, many of us have been following the epic coverage detailing the amazing rescue of the 33 chilean miners who were trapped below ground for almost 70 days. A heart warming example of how so many different people were able to pull together to ensure a successful outcome for all concerned. No expense was spared by the Chilean government who must be applauded for the way that it conducted the whole affair with dignity and efficiency.

However, it appears that the BBC weren't too slow about sparing their expenses either when it came to providing wall-to-wall coverage of the event. More than 25 BBC staff were dispatched to the Chile for the event. Compare that to the 9 personnel from Sky News, who also provided 24 hour coverage, and the 6 staff sent by ITVNews.

On the positive side though, it appears that the BBC TV licence fee payers actually only paid for 20 of the assorted journos and hangers-on. Oooo..... goody-fucking-gum drops, that's alright then! Err, perhaps not, the remaining BBC staff were funded by ... wait for it ..... the Foreign and Commonwealth office. Oh, for fuck's sake, so even if you don't pay for a TV licence you will still end up paying for the bloated BBC via your government tax contributions.

Twenty five! Twenty-fucking-five!
Christ on a trike .... it only took 16 personnel to carry out the entire rescue!

The bloated BBC ..... surely it's time to put the cash hemorrhaging beast onto a strict diet, once and for all, and abolish the TV licence fee. Failing that .... withhold your telly tax, I've been doing it for years, and then finally the Bloated Bias Craporation will have to venture out into the big wide world and feed it's own fat belly and those of their equally engorged executives.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Anna Raccoon

A Eulogy by Gildas The Monk

Dear Brothers and Sister of the Blog

Many years ago, too many to remember, when the land was threatened by the barbarian, when law and justice were in danger, and when the nation had been betrayed by the corruption and incompetence of its political classes (sound familiar?), a man stepped forward who was willing to resist the decline into the coming Dark Ages, and who with courage and virtue took up arms.

He is known to the modern world as Arthur, and he was dux bellorum, leader in battles. The name Arthur was probably a “battle name,” a nickname or pseudonym – from the welsh “Arth”, meaning “bear”. So we had a noble leader, courageous and true, and going by the name of an animal.

Now it is said that Arthur did not ever really leave us and pass from us into that eternal night that awaits us all. Wounded, he merely departed the field of battle temporarily, and, so it is said, lies sleeping, awaiting the call should Britain ever again face ultimate calamity. He is thus ARTHURUS, QUONDAM REXQUE FUTURUS; Arthur, the once and future king.

This week Anna Raccoon closed her blog. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts are closed too. She departed the blogosphere suddenly and without warning on Monday.

I am relatively new to the Blogosphere. I merely stumbled across it at a time of great personal crisis for me, whiling away the hours. I do not remember making any conscious choice to seek it out, but merely found a variety of sites which by varying degree amused, informed, provided catharsis and engaged.

However, the Anna Raccoon site was very special. If I say that the Blog had a Libertarian bent, I may be doing it an injustice. I am not a political expert, and have no fixed affiliations. What I discovered was a Blog which boasted a cadre of free thinking, independent minded commentators and freedom fighters. Anna herself, of course, but also Thaddeus J. Wilson, Andrew P. Withers and others. Common themes were the protection of freedom, the exposure of injustice by the state, and the cause of the Common Man. The writing was always of the highest quality, and there was quantity too. I do know that Anna herself worked tirelessly to review a host of daily sources and keep up the volume of posts. And these were not your ordinary pithy internet posts, but full on eloquent essays. It was less of a blog and more of a magazine. Hell, it was almost a lifestyle!

But it was never purely political. There could be a hilarious and moving essay Anna’s somewhat eccentric family one minute; a polemic on the evils of petty bureaucrats or foolish local councils the next, or a scabrous satire on a political figure and then a simple diary piece the next. There was wisdom, life experience, brilliance, insight, humour and courage. There was what the Romans called civic virtue.

There was always vigorous debate, contribution and plenty of humour.

Anna had a passion for the defence of the weak and for upholding liberty. In that regard she was in particular a hawkish observer and critic of the murky workings of the Court of Protection. She was an active campaigner too. She played a leading role in the campaign to free Landlord Nick Hogan from jail for breaching the anti smoking legislation, and recently smote the Stasi at the Sandwell Council, forcing them to withdraw their threat to prosecute a pensioner for allegedly dropping cigarette ash. On a personal level she was endlessly kind and encouraging to me, and even gave me the pleasure and the privilege of posting a few of my scribblings. She did recommend I should drink less, but I never said she was perfect.

Anna has now hung up her blogging hat - for whatever reasons. We do not know, although I do know that keeping up such a prodigious output and maintaining the site, sometimes in the face of the abuse and backbiting that can come with blogging, was very, very hard work.

She has departed, like Arthur, silently and mysteriously into the mist, a great figure of courage and virtue no longer with us, but, I hope, not finally departed either. Perhaps she will return. She will certainly never be forgotten. And so I can think of no finer tribute to you Anna, if you read this, than to hail you thus:


Or in English:
This was Anna Raccoon; the once and future queen of the blogs!

Good luck Anna, from all of us.

Gildas the Monk

Gotty says:
Anna is fine but for personal reasons she felt that now was the right time to quit blogging. Best wishes Anna for whatever you decide to do in the future .... and thank you ;-)


The final words of Anna Raccoon
and the reasons why she has quit blogging can be found HERE

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Middle Class Anarchy

Fuck the rules. Fuck playing the game. Fuck the bankers. Fuck being the good citizen. Fuck filling out every form correctly. Fuck paying every tax. Fuck Quangos. Fuck the troughing MPs. Fuck the government. Fuck the EU who own their arses anyway, and ours. Fuck the free-loaders, living rent-free while we pay.  Fuck asylum seekers. Fuck illegal immigrants. Fuck sharia law. Fuck the police farce. Fuck being a stooge. Fuck the legal process, a game which only works if you’ve got money to pay for the parasitic lawyers. Fuck being a prole. Fuck big brother. Fuck the minority dictating to the majority. Fuck being lied to. Fuck trying to do the right thing ...... where the fuck does that fucking get you? 

Middle class anarchy ...... bring it on!

Fuck yeah!

† Did I miss anything?

Inspired by this post.

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Tuition Fees, Just Another Example

Those signing the Vote for Students pledge, [opposing the hike in fees] which include Nick Clegg, Sir Menzies Campbell and Vince Cable as well as a group of current and former Labour ministers, have given the first clear indication of their position on tuition fees ahead of the Browne review due in the autumn.

Cable abandons Lib Dem pledge on tuition fees by accepting the main proposal of Lord Browne .... that the limit on fees should be lifted.

Just as wish-washy, spineless and hypocritical as ever then. It's the power, you see. Pledges, promises and principles mean fuck all, to any of them, once they've secured your vote and begin to breathe the politically polluted air within the Westminster Bubble.

They're all the fucking same. Whatever the 'party'.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Marr, He's Making Lies At Me

I've been 'inadequately' slow in my response to Andrew Marr's childish attack on bloggers mainly because I preferred to spend time squeezing blackheads in the bathroom rather than follow my mother's instructions, yesterday, to tidy up the mess in my bedroom. Her response to my disobedience was, of course, to lock the basement door and hide the key thus depriving me of that all important internet access. I eventually found the key, 24 hours later in the chest freezer, in amongst the chicken nuggets and the IcePops whilst mum had popped out to Millets to buy a replacement for my somewhat aged and rather seedy looking anorak.
I'm back in the basement, back in amongst the booze and back on line.

Leaving aside the Andrew Marr view on bloggers' general appearance (I mean we can't all have the good looks of a well honed Adonis can we Andy) what's all that about us being 'citizen journalists'. I can't speak for anyone else but I am not, nor ever wish to be, a journalist. I prefer the freedom of speech and independent voice which blogging can afford me, not the hands-tied-behind-the-back Westminster village, lefty lickspittle, propaganda that you're so keen on.
I could go on but, due to my aforementioned tardiness, other right thinking bloggers, and the well balanced views of their commentors, have more than adequately covered Marxist Marr and his derision of the blogosphere.
If you have a few minutes to spare, I've picked out three blog posts on the subject which are well worth a read .... including all the comments:

Finally, before I jog off to pay for that hairpiece I won on EBay, I have to say that I appear to have done rather well by getting through this post without ranting, swearing, or mentioning a super injunction which is alleged to involve a BBC presenter and someone who has a vague resemblance to Felicity Kendall.

How about that then Andy?

You jug eared cunt.

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Latest O2 Advert +++ Updated +++

So with Franny Armstrong's 10:10:10 day of eco terrorism fast approaching, public support for her lunacy is declining fast with a continued public backlash following the launch of her fascist 10:10 No Pressure video. Membership numbers are dwindling and her major sponsors have been quick to disassociate themselves from such a PR disaster. All except one, that is.

Sony have pulled out, Kyocera have pulled out but O2 proudly continue to support the Richard Curtis view of climate change denier extermination. Here's their latest advert .......

I've now cancelled my O2 mobile phone contract, stating that "I did not wish my business to be associated with a business that publicly supports the 10:10 No Pressure video and the fascist eco terrorists that made it."

What are you going to do?

No Pressure! website
NoToO2 Facebook page
NoToO2 Poster and blog badges
Twitter #no2o2

+++ UPDATE +++

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that Royal Mail are re-launching their 10:10 postmarks. Send in a picture of yours and you could win a prize!

No. Seriously .......

click on image to blow up
*ahem* I mean enlarge ;-)

Original here.

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