Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Facebook Launches Simplified Privacy Settings

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banned said...

Never done Facebook and deleting your account would not preserve your privacy since the cunts will save all your personal details anyway to flog to all and sundry as they please; that's after they have data-mined your "My Documents" with their spider thingey and stolen your extreme racist pornography.

As Mr. Cameron recently said. "Too many Tweets make a Twat".
h/t, Amusing Bunni

Captain Haddock said...

Never seen the point of either Facebook or Twatter .. unless of course, you intend to remain 12 years old permanently ..

microdave said...

Ampers said...

Don't knock Facebook, mate!

I have had an account for years, it is completely open. Nobody has to make friends with me to see everything. In fact I haven't accepted a single friend!

And the only information you will see in there is my GMail email address. Absolutely nothing more. And that's all Facebook know about me. Other than the anglisized name change I made in the seventies but you would have to know that to find it, it's a dummy account pointing to "Andrew Ampers Taylor".

So how would this be useful you might ask.

Well, in the last few years no less that six people I have known in the past, the newest over a decade ago, have made contact with me.

To renew acquaintences and friends I have not seen for 10, 30 and even 30 years is a wonderful thing.

Yes, I like Facebook!