Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sergeant Mark Andrews Cleared Of Assault ++Update 2++

I shit you not.
Sergeant Mark Andrews, who was caught on CCTV assaulting Pamela Somerville at Melksham police station in Wiltshire, has had his earlier 6 month jail sentence quashed after 'winning' an appeal today.

Lets have a look at the evidence again ....

What. The. Fuck!
I must be seeing things then because the Judge Bean at Oxford Crown Court has now said, after a four-day hearing, that he was satisfied Sergeant Andrews did not intend to throw Ms Somerville into the cell and that the injuries she suffered were probably caused by falling down the stairs the door frame.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Shitwipe remains suspended from duty on full pay pending the result of an internal police enquiry. Yeah right ... any guesses to the outcome of that then?

We are all so fucked .... or as Old Holborn would say, welcome to East Germany.

+++ UPDATE +++

And how they rejoice in rural Wiltshire!

"There are three excellent consequences to this decision. First, Andrews is exonerated. Second, the handwringers will go absolutely orbital, which will be fun to see and finally, Wiltshire ACPO have been shown to be more interested in public image than truthful reality."

Oh, just fuck off back to your tea and doughnuts will you.

+++ UPDATE 2 +++

I thought that this fairly recent quote from James Bulger's mother was rather apt,
in the current circumstances :
"Once again justice has not been done"

She said it after John Venables had been given a sentence of only 2 years, from a possible maximum of ten, after being convicted of child porn offences. Apparently, this was because the crimes were blamed on the "isolation and fear", that Venables felt, while living under a false name after his early release from jail for killing James Bulger.

Oh, do fuck off! Some of the photos that 'aroused' Venables were of two year olds .... the same age  James Bulger was when brutally murdered by Venables.

Why tell you all this now?

Well ... who do you think the fucking judge was?

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dazzler said...


BRICKBAT said...

Beats the fuck out of the old"she sipped on a chip" excuse =-X

Catosays said...

It wasn't a judge at Magistrates Court. It was a judge at Oxford Crown Court.

He now faces an internal discipline enquiry. No other job in the land has this kind of double jeopardy. But I suppose you think that's fair.

Catosays said...

Ooooh, I forgot. What about all those footballers who got off rape and assault charges? Shouldn't they face internal discipline charges by the FA?

Busty said...

Catosays - you knob! 2 wrongs don't make a right and if the fuckin' sluts who push their pussies into thick as shit fottballers faces moan when they r bitten - fuck them. Also fuck the retards who pay to see grown men kick a ball of air between two posts. This was a POLICE SERGEANT. A servant of the law. He assalted her, broke her face and has been given a round of applause by the court.

He'll be promoted next....much to your joy no doubt

Caratacus said...

At some point in the not too distant future it is possible that the police will be issued sidearms as a matter of course. To bring us into line with the rest of the EUSSR (of course) and just in time for the crumbling of society which seems inevitable.

Just think - Sergeant Bullyboy Andrews could be out and about with a firearm soon... For fucksake don't drop any litter in his presence, you'll be picking the bullets out of your teeth for weeks.

james higham said...

I had a brief experience of East Germany and it is not the place to be for a night out.

MTG said...

@ Catosays

Your cringing fondness of this uniformed animal will be much appreciated by Gadget and other scraps of Wiltshire garbage.

All Seeing Eye said...

Doctors and nurses with the BMA and RCN spring straight to mind as other jobs with similar double jeopardy - whether fair or not.

Captain Ranty said...


You are all the way wrong on this one. Andrews is a bullying cunt who should have his swedes ripped off with a pair of rusty pliers. He is a spineless twat. His actions were undefendable.

Six months was nowhere near long enough and the whining cunt only lasted six days before he started weeping like a girl to be let out.

This is not justice. Not by a long chalk.


Sobers said...

I'm speechless. It really is getting to piano wire time. One law for them, one for the rest of us. Is there ANY recourse for the CPS over this? Can they appeal the appeal?

Spartan said...

Oh l hope this Andrews walks into a door frame soon ... courtesy of this woman's family.

NFN said...

I returned to this cuntry after several years abroad and got a shock when i saw my first bobby. When I left Peelers were still 'wooden tops' and carried a 'holly'. But now they are a body-amoured-combat booted-spidey belt wearing Militia thugs. Time was when a copper would walk up to a gang of youths on his own and he would COMMAND respect, now adays they wouldn't tell a crippled OAP the time without a stab vest and Tatical Unit.

This story is just the latest in a long line of injustices. For god's sake don't ride the Tube if you're an electrian.

Bunni said...

This proves there is NO justice.  They stack the courts with their weasels, and the criminals always get off.
Same thing happens out here, and our coppers carry guns, they don't use them on the real criminals though, or the city would be actually ok to walk around in.  >:o

Fascist Hippy said...

WARNING! The UK is now part of a 'Police State', do as you are told or you will be brought to 'heel' or destroyed. 
WARNING! The UK is now part of a 'Police State', do as you are told or you will be brought to 'heel' or destroyed.
WARNING! The UK is now part of a 'Police State', do as you are told or you will be brought to 'heel' or destroyed.

Fascist Hippy said...

We are fucked, well and truly, to allow this is the beginning of the end.

Catosays said...

I'm sorry that you don't like justice when it's not your sort of justice. And Busty, when I start insulting you personally then please feel free to insult me. Until then, hold back with the insults please.

Andrews, although many of you can't see it, is as entitled to justice as any one else. If a judge decrees that he is innocent then that is it...whether you or I disagree. As it happens, for the benefit of those who would think I defend this fool's actions, I don't. I think he should have gone down and served his sentence. So,in the words of the prophet, 'Up yours'.

Barking Spider said...

It's probably too much to hope for that someone, presented with the opportunity, would actually mete out some justice.... the old-fashioned way..... to both Andrews and the fucking piece-of-establishment-shit judge who cleared the cunt!  >:o >:o >:o >:o

MTG said...

You are really enjoying yourself with this particular 'justice' are you not? Trot back to the Police blogs from whence you came. I remain reluctant to use the word reserved for people like you.

Woman on a Raft said...

They can, and they ought to.  You are simply wrong about the internal disciplinary procedures which apply to most professions.  They exist.  They are frequently criticised for being ineffective, too.

WhoCaresAnyMore. said...

"oh shut up,listen to me,ok,you are in my custody now and you will be quiet and you will listen"

These could be the very last words that someone hears,especially if they are female and five foot nothing." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

Catosays said...

Are  you suggesting that 'justice' should not apply to everyone? I would suggest that that is a dangerous road to go down. I didn't come from a police blog. I run my own effort unlike you, it would appear. And, lest we forget, everyone is entitled to their own opinions in this they right or wrong. As for my views...then read above.

Norman Spack M.D. said...

He only called you a knob Cato, it's not that bad !

Derek Reynolds said...

"The police use force to move people, stop people and hurt them; that’s what they’re for, that’s what they’re legitimately required to do. It’s the context that counts and the courts define those limits, not the police."

Just one of many similar comments on the forum of the Boys in Blue.

BRICKBAT said...

lump of shit charged up on steroids or what?
they are overworked(rivers of blood) so they have the pick of the keep me on my toes drugs bollocks and the cunt blew a gasket and the master let him off =-X

BRICKBAT said...

btw i bet the cunts a loving father of two loveley kids and the wife adores him =-X

Catosays said...

I didn't say it was that bad. Just that I didn't insult anyone so I don't see why I should be insulted. It's called equality.

thespecialone said...

I would just like to know how many people commenting on here have ever tried to restrain a drunken woman who is uncooperative, no matter how tall/big/strong you are and how small/defenceless she is.

How many of you have had any experience of a custody suite and having to deal with uncooperative people all the time? How many of you have been spat at for doing your job? Or being told that your kids will be knifed or harmed? But you just carry on with your job.

How many of you have actually seen the whole of the CCTV and know ALL of the details from the time of arrest to the time of the real end of the incident?

How many of you have had unblemished service in the Army and Police but have had one incident that aint pretty admittedly potentially ruin your career/life?

How many of you tarnish every bus driver, lawyer, doctor, nurse, engineer, street cleaner, checkout worker etc with the same brush when one of their own does something that may be wrong?

How many of you are brave enough to join the specials because you obviously have all the answers?

Anonymous said...

Professional suicide, a moment of madness? - but not, categorically not - an accident.

<span>As far as I can make out, there was a truly ludicrous delay (only a couple of years...) having the first hearing which was held two counties away, NO JURY has been involved, it was supposed to be a re-trial - but we are told that the conviction / sentence revoked by an "Appeal Judge" and to cap it all the Judge was Mr Bean - no shit! really it was Judge Bean... Mr Bean. Not Roy obviously

The locals ain't happy, nope, no siree.... 

Following on from the Filthy Engineer's suggestion about spectacles for the judge 

I can see a little campaign here - most spec wearers have broken and unused ones lying around the house - envelope and 30p or so - a sort of Nick Hogan moment or maybe even a George Dubya Baghdad shoe moment - only 'sayin is all..... could be fun 


WhoCaresAnyMore. said...

Andrews was lucky, throwing her down like that,you can see he put his shoulder into it,could have killed her." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

Anonymous said...

Send your one lensed and sat on spectacles to:

For the personal attention of
Judge Bean (Definitely not Roy)
Oxford Crown Court
<span><span>St Aldates</span></span><span>, </span>
<span><span>Oxford</span>, </span>
<span><span>Oxfordshire</span>, </span>
<span><span>OX1 1TL</span></span>

Anonymous said...

Defunct hearing aids welcome too

Spartan said...

Put a sock in it 'thespecialone', your bleatings are pathetic. lf ever anyone is getting charged with ABH etc they can now claim it was just an 'Andrews'.

Brave enough top join the specials? ... how about brave enough to stand up for what is right?

Andrews is just a bully. l've dealt with many such people as you describe and l've never had cause to smash a 59 yr old womans head in. Oh and one more thing ... how come you lot always turn up after the event?

William Gruff said...

thespecialone wrote:  '<span>I would just like to know how many people commenting on here have ever tried</span> ... '

Whine, whine, whine.  Yours is the typical response of a cowardly authoritarian bully when he thinks he's been criticised.  That woman was not restrained a little too forcibly, she was savagely beaten by a man in a position that demands professional detachment and restraint at all times.  She may well be an obnoxious bitch with a tendency to misbehave at the slightest excuse but that does not excuse his criminal conduct.  If you really are a Special Constable, and not some sad fantasist, you should be aware of how 'The Police' would have behaved towards a man who meted out such treatment to his wife or girlfriend.

If you find your chosen occupation too demanding you should think of giving it up and not waste our time whining about the difficulties, excusing the criminal activities of your loathsome colleagues or issuing fatuous challenges to us to step up and do the job, which is also a response typical of authoritarians when criticised.  Get rid of the circus that is 'The Police' and most of us could protect ourselves far more effectively, and without the fear of prosecution for having the balls to do what you and your kind will not.  And don't tell us that you and the other thugs in blue are all that stand between us and anarchy.

I left this comment at Gadget's outlet for his self-regarding rubbish:

I’m not surprised to see the delight displayed here at the acquittal of a psychopathic thug. I used to think that police recruitment procedures were designed to weed out undesirable, anti-social trash but I learned long ago that I was labouring under a misapprehension. The time has passed when a decent human being would have realised that he has no place serving in ‘The Police’ and left in disgust, and the general public have long since come to despise anyone wearing a police uniform.

That the author of this article was happy to publish it is a clear demonstration of his overweening arrogance and his utter contempt for the values of a civilised society. The item merely confirms that ‘The Police’ are the enemies of those they are paid to protect and serve and it cannot be too long before their behaviour towards us is returned in like manner.

Busty said...

We don't have justice in this country. The system is a mess and always seems to reward the scum, like this police scum as shown in the video. Insults? - bollocks, your idiotic comments were knobbish. I stand by my spam javelin analogy, knob. 
<p> </p>

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Thanks for the correction Cato .. I have now amended the post. However, I don't agree with your support of the thug Andrews but you're entitled to your opinion of course ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"<span>I can see a little campaign here" < so the fuck can I ... excellent!</span>

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Have just updated the post for a second time. It appears that Judge Bean has previous from ... in the leniency dept. Oh, for fucks sake!

NFN said...

"<span>I would just like to know how many people commenting on here have ever tried to restrain a drunken woman who is uncooperative, no matter how tall/big/strong you are and how small/defenceless she is.  "</span>

You can colour me in. And no it isn't easy (try restraining a 11 year old with a knife from Pennywell Gardens who is 'raj'ed' and 'o his heed' on a mix of Bucky and smack sometime, its fun). And yes IRL you do often end up damaging them and a drunken woman is probably harder to restrain than a drunken man...they feel even less pain than men do when drunk. You could break her arm and she'll still try and claw your eyes out with the other hand IME.

BUT you're missed the one crucial sentence in the whole news report ie that a fellow officer reported him. Now if you know anything about the police then you will know that they NEVER grass on each. Andrew's behaviour must have truly truly sickened that fellow officer because that Grass will be a pariah forever.

banned said...

Teachers too

banned said...

<span>And Sgt Andrews is getting shedloads of support on copperblogs like inspectorfuckinggadget (GOTs link above)  
Geenty should resign.  
Ted Treen  
No he shouldn’t. As a MOP I say he should be fired.  
And quickly.  
Geenty being the Asst Chief Constable who branded Sgt Andrews as being unfit for the Wiltshire force that he now returns to

banned said...

Same in  Spain, pre-democracy some cunt copper pointed his sub-machine gun at me just for tying to take a photo of him which is the road thatwe are now going down.

banned said...

Nice link to the local paper but the comments don't appear.
Are you 'Tom' who posted this link at holbys place (inc readers comments which mostly include "travesty")

MTG said...

A case begging the attention of Judge 'Roy' Bean, Gotty? A 34 year old police firearms officer has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after a woman died following a road-rage row outside her home.
Christine Roche, 64, had a heart attack at the wheel after being accosted by an off-duty police officer, who lost his temper after she clipped the wing mirror of his car.

Heads on poles said...

Alleged terrorists getting millions in compensation, old bill getting off assault charges regardless of video evidence, disrupting 11th November memorials is OK but taking the piss on Twitter is not and Stephen Pound still being asked for his opinion on any subject on the telly.
I must be out of touch.

Heads on poles said...

Alleged terrorists getting millions in compensation, old bill getting off assault charges regardless of video evidence, disrupting 11th November memorials is OK but taking the piss on Twitter is not and Stephen Pound still being asked for his opinion on any subject on the telly.
I must be out of touch.

Anonymous said...

The monster speaks:

Gildas said...

I think he went over the top and that's a clear a case of assault.
As for Mr Justice Bean, I had dinner with him once.
Miserable bastard as I recall :(  

Lord Herbert said...

Ah Oxford County Court. Marvel also at the works of His Cunt Judge Compston, who likes to let off  people who sexually abuse kids with a slap on the wrists. He also injuncts people at the drop of a hat, even when the injunctee has been proven to be lying through his back teeth. Cunts all.

Lord Herbert said...

Here you are for Cunt Compston

From the archive, first published Saturday 10th Feb 2007.
Another paedophile who sexually assaulted a young girl has walked free from an Oxford court - this time after a judge blamed drink for the man's behaviour.
Only 10 days ago, Judge Julian Hall caused a storm when he freed pensioner Eric Cole, 71, of Bedford, who admitted sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl.
The Oxford Crown Court judge then told him to pay compensation which could buy his victim a new bike.
Now Judge Christopher Compston has set free Steven Jeanne, 39, of Barry Avenue, Bicester, who was convicted by a jury at the crown court of abusing a nine-year-old girl.
After being told the sexual assault was a 'one-off', Judge Compston said yesterday that paedophile Jeanne did not deserve jail.
Jeanne, who is a former IT worker for Oxfordshire County Council and held information on schools, had previously denied a charge of sexual assault on a child under 13 and was found guilty at a trial but changed his plea causing sentencing to be adjourned on January 9.


Judge tells MoD not to sack RAF child sex pervert

9:00am Tuesday 7th September 2010  

A HELICOPTER engineer who downloaded child pornography at his RAF base walked free from court yesterday as a judge asked defence chiefs not to kick him out of the service.
Simon Radcliffe, 26, was also caught trying to groom what he thought was a teenage girl over the Internet as he sat at his laptop in barracks at RAF Benson. The ‘girl’, going by the name of Chloe, turned out to be a police officer.
Yesterday, Radcliffe was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court to three years’ supervision and ordered to go on a sex offenders’ course after admitting a string of sex offences. Judge Christopher Compston asked the RAF not to discharge him because he could still be of service to his country.

Lord Herbert said...

And here a readr of the above comments

And here's a reader commenting on the above

Amanda99, says...
<span>8:55am Sat 11 Sep 10</span>
This judge has previous on letting of sex abusers scot free. Also, I have a very good friend who was sexually attacked and abused by an tutor at her Acupuncture college who she fell madly in love with, shortly after she left; he took total advantage of her

She made a complaint to her professional body, which whilst rejected on procedural grounds, was told that they believed every word of it - because the tutor's former partner got to speak to my friend, as she thought her partner wanted to abuse her.

When she made this public, the tutor got an injunction out against her, and even though she had proof of what he did to her, the judge granted the injunction so that she cannot speak of it to anyone in her profession, despite the fact that he was given written proof from the professional body that the tutor had lied to him.

I gather he professes to be a Christian.

Billy Blofeld said...

The judge has more than a passing resemblance to Chris Langham - the actor done for Child Porn.

Anonymous said...

hes a criminal and a thug  in uniform