Monday, 31 August 2009

2012 Olympic Games +++Updated+++

I started off by doing an alternative version of a logo for yet another tax payer's cash blackhole, the 2012 London Olympics . . .

Then I just happened to spot that the Royal Mail have announced a set of stamps to celebrate the fact that the Labour Government are pissing huge amounts of our cash up the wall of the Olympic Village which, incidentally, is being built by 225,000 foreign workers. What the fuck is that all about? What happened to British jobs for British workers Gordon? You lying, two faced, fat fuck of an unelected Prime Minister.

Anyhow, I decided to do my own small range of stamps to commemorate, what will now be known as, the Labour Parasitic Olympics . . . .

To be honest there are just so many corrupt Labour parasites that I could have done enough of these stamps to fill a whole fucking album. However, if you have enough feasible suggestions for credible Parasitic Olympic Events then maybe I'll do a couple more ;-)

++++++ UPDATE ++++++

Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Final Straw?

Gordon Brown says nothing.

The Sunday Times says this.

Jack Straw says
"negotiations with the Libyans were reaching a critical stage"

Peter Mandelson says
"the release of Megrahi was not linked to trade deals"

What do you say?

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Subliminal Labour

A subliminal message in response to the insidious erosion of democracy, for the majority, by Gordoom Brownfinger, Lord Fondleboys and the rest of their corrupt Labour Government.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Lord Mick 'Take The Fucking Piss' Gorbals

Anyone remember this sleaze ridden cunt?
Michael Martin the ex-Speaker of the House of Commons?

Well, then I'm sure that you'll all be highly fucking delighted to see this announcement which has appeared in The London Gazette . . . .

Yes, that's right.
Mick Gorbal's reward for being a corrupt, cash trousering, unintelligible, Gordon Brown felching, fuckwad of a Speaker is to be given the title Baron Martin of Springburn, of Port Dundas in the City of Glasgow.

That's strange.
I didn't hear or see anything in the news about that, did you? If it hadn't been for the keen eye of the All Seeing Eye then I'd be none the wiser now either.

And what the fuck has happened to all the MP expense reforms that we were all promised? Do you suppose those have been sneaked through without us knowing too?

GIve me fucking strength.

Henry North London Blog

The following message has been posted at the request of
Henry North London:

"To all my usual readers, I wish to apologise that my blog is currently down for maintenance. There are other reasons too but I cannot discuss them currently. The blog will be back for business after Sept 26th at the latest.

In the mean time read my posts on National Death Service or the Libertarian South East Blog. I wish all my readers well and this is akin to why Nightjack was shut down so you will appreciate why I have had to take such drastic measures. Rest assured that all the posts still exist and that you will be able to read again in a month's time."

Henry North London

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gordon Brown Has Resigned

Well has he?

Has Gordoom Brownfinger finally realized that the game is up? Maybe there has been a deal struck over the summer with Manmuncher Mandelson. Are we finally free of the mono eyed, snot gobbling, unelected Prime Minister? One can only live in hope.

Let the speculation commence.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Microsoft Cut & Paste Racism

Now you see him . . .

and now you don't!

The original photo featured three business people – one white, one black and one Asian – smiling as they attended a meeting. It was published on Microsoft's main US site, to advertise the company's business productivity software.

But in the version doctored to appeal to Polish customers the black man's face was replaced with that of a white man – although the original model's hand remained clearly visible.

Oops a fucking daisy!

Ted Kennedy Dead At Last

Unfortunately, it was 40 years too late and not in one of these . . . .

Now place your bets on how long Gordon Brown will take to make a comment regarding the news about this murdering cunt.

Less than the five days it took for this one?

More tributes to Kennedy can be found here
Oh, and a some nice words about him here too

Monday, 24 August 2009

Mandelson Caption Competition

Where is Gordon Brown?

The Man in a Shed raises an excellent point . . .

Why is Gordon Brown taking a very long period of holiday?

Is it medical leave ? If so we should be told about any conditions that are impacting his ability to lead the country.

Perhaps the media knows why and its one of those Blair family type secrets ? The lack of MSM interest in Brown's prolonged absence suggests they know and are keeping quiet. If so, Mr Brown, then its time to put your family first and resign.

Oh, but hang on, a new leader will mean a general election in time for the Conservatives to stop Lisbon . . .

Is he just Lazy ? Or is he crazy in a temporary sort of way that they think might get better ?

Its yet another one of those obvious questions that just isn't getting asked by the MSM.

The silence is deafening.

Come on on then, what the fuck is going on?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bog Roll

The World's classiest toilet roll dispenser and a 'hole' lot more.
Unbelievably the toilet paper comes out white!
Pure genius and I want one ;-)

Labour = Debt

Sack Kevan Jones

The All Seeing Eye has an excellent post on the latest piece of scum to crawl out from under the New Labour stone of smear.

Kevan Jones' attempt to smear General Sir Richard Dannatt on the grounds of 'expenses abuse' is both pathetic and hypocritical.

FOI requests show that General Dannatt claimed a total of £19,291 in expenses between April 1, 2005, and March 31 this year. However, during a similar period Bob 'The Knob' Ainsworth claimed £394,306 in Commons expenses and Kevan 'Lickspittle' Jones claimed a total of £454,324.

How a hypocritical, sniveling little shit of an arsewipe like Jones (who has never had a proper job) can dare to smear the exemplary, hardworking, 40 year career of Dannatt almost leaves me fucking speechless.

Kevan Jones is an utter fucking disgrace.
Sack the cunt.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bob 'The Bellend' Ainsworth

Oi Bob!
Say 'cheese'!

Go and fucking jerk yourself off for a change, instead of our British Troops, you useless wig wearing wanker. When you've finished that why not go and have a look at yourself here to see what people really think about you.

And if that's not enough to convince you how about checking your entry in Wiggipedia?

That should have you crying into your tatty twatty 'tash, you twat!

Tip of the todger to Varsteiner

Peter Mandelson Joker

Not Fucking Safe For Work

Thursday, 20 August 2009

You've been Sussed Bob.

David Davis on Afghanistan:
What would winning look like? Underpinning Afghan democracy? Stabilising the Karzai regime? Providing education and healthcare to the Afghan population, both male and female? Delivering law and order? Eradicating corruption? Creating a working economy? Crushing the drug trade? Protecting Pakistan from instability? Or simply defeating the Taliban and creating a stable state?

Bit different to running a strike in a car factory isn't it Bob?

Breathe You Fuckers!

Thanks to Dazed & Confused for this excellent piece of video wizardry

G.O.T. Twats Twitter Tsar Twat

A couple of days ago I thought it only right and proper that I should welcome the new Twattering Twitter Twat Tsar, Kerry 'suck my way up Labour's greasy pole' McCarthy, by sending her a Grumpy Old Twat twat.

Actually this was the second one that I sent, just to make sure that the deletion of the first one I twatted wasn't some kind of 'technical' problem on her part. No, sure enough, this fucker disappeared too.
Good job I took a screen grab of it then, eh ;-)

Imagine my surprise then, when Kerry 'Madame Moderation' McCarthy, became a follower of my Twitter Twatter twattings about 5 minutes later!

Typical Labour Party. They censor the fuck out of the bloggers in any way they can but they just love to know what the fuck you're up to.

Twitter Twats!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Islamic Fanatics Cheer Body Bags

I can't even begin to tell you how fucking angry I am this time . . .

British Muslim fanatics are posting vile, gloating messages on a jihadi website praising their Taliban “heroes” for sending our troops back from Afghanistan in body bags.

“AbuJunayd” said: “Inshallah [God-willing] the more the kuffs [non-Muslims] deploy, the more the bros will send em back in body bags, or crutches or with serious psychological problems.”

“Isma’eel”, said: “Man, they really are dropping like flies over there lol [laugh out loud].”

These are just two of the dozens of disgusting examples 'cheering' the physical and mental suffering of our British Troops in Hellmand Province.

The Daily Express has informed the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism at the Home Office of this Islamic website’s content. A spokeswoman said “The role of the internet in radicalisation is an area of concern to Government.”

Yeah right. That'll be a fucking first then!

So, it's over to you then Dave . . .

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

British Taxpayer Funding The Taliban

I have just read this over at Old Righties place.

I am absolutely fucking furious.
You couldn't fucking make it up!

The British Taxpayer is funding lucrative reconstruction projects to improve the infrastructure of Afghanistan. The 'shadowy' private companies that are awarded the contracts then have to negotiate with the local Taliban who insist on 'a cut' for not blowing up the building site and/or it's workers.

Are you with me?

The Taliban then take their protection racket cash which can be between 20%-40% of the total budget for the project and head off to the nearest arms supply dealer.

Therefore, British taxpayer's cash is being used by the Taliban to purchase IEDs so that they can kill and maim British Soldiers . . . .

How fucking angry does that make you?

More info at Reuters and Heresy Corner

Gay Pulls Out of 200m Sprint

Gay has pulled out of the big race due to a persistent groin injury and will now be unable to defend his title. Neither Gordon Brown or Peter Mandelson were available for comment.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bob 'The Knob' Ainsworth Must Go [2]

Following on from this, here is another
one for the Bob Ainsworth Must Go Campaign

Further mockery of the wig wearing wanker
can be found here.

Bob Ainsworth, Wig Wearing Wanker

Join the Bob Ainsworth Must Go Campaign

Bob 'The Knob' Ainsworth Must Go

It's time to start the 'Bob Ainsworth Must Go' Campaign.

The defence of our Country and the welfare of our British Troops deserves so much more than this bungling, inept, moustache faced, wig wearing wanker.

Oi Bob, do us all a favour and fuck the fucketty fucking fuck off before you manage to complete destroy too many more of the lives of our British Forces and their families.

I'll even lend you a bar of soap to wash all that blood off your hands.


Further details of the wig wearing wanker can be found here.

Labour Party Pretty Vacant

for yet another piece of brilliant work!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

200th British Soldier Dies

Saturday, 15 August 2009

BBC Taking The Piss . . . Again

on a leaving party for one of its executives.

Not to mention the
£4 million
pension pot to go with it.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Harriet Harman to Rename Labour Party

Apparently if Harriet Harperson manages to realise her long term ambition to become the Leader of her Parliamentary Party, the first thing she plans to do is to change the name.

Here's what I think one of her campaign posters should look like in the lead up to the next General Election . . . .

Oh, and if you think I'm joking about her ambitions
then I suggest you take a look at this.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Change We See

The Labour Party have launched a "Change we See" campaign asking their supporters to email photos of all the good stuff that Labour have done over the last 12 years.

H/T Opinionated Crybaby

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Gordon Brown Holiday Photo #2

Highest Jobless Total For 14 Years

So, the Office for National Statistics has today announced the number of people seeking work in the three months up until May 2009 rose 281,000 to 2.44 million, the most since 1995 and the biggest single rise since records began. The number claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance increased by 23,800 in June to 1.56million – the worst total since Labour came to power in 1997.

To most of us these figures will come as no real surprise, given the piss poor performance of Gordon 'head in the sand' Brown and the rest of his equally inept colleagues fucktards in the Cabinet.

What caught my eye most about all this though was a quote from Peter Mandelson, in response to the release of today's figures . . .

". . . there would have been far in excess of 500,000 more jobs lost in the recession had it not been for the government and the Bank of England’s intervention."

err . . are you sure about that?

While jobs are being totally slashed in the private sector, the state payroll appears to be on the up and up! A total of 6.02million people worked in the public sector at the end of March – up 15,000 since the beginning of the year.

And how about the impact of mass immigration? The number of migrants working in Britain is still rising. The number of people born overseas in employment was 3.81million in March – up 129,000 in a year.

Who the fuck are you fucking kidding, Peter?

I suggest that the figures would have been considerably less if it had not been for the total fucking ineptitude of the Labour Government together with you and that other unelected, cock sucking, arse fingering bed fellow of yours, Gordon Brown.

Oh and Peter . . .
Nice to see that some of us are doing well during a recession.
Thieving cunt!

Evil = Connolly Barker Owen

This explains exactly why we need an intelligent Social Services system employing staff with the capability to use their minds, well-formed intuition and common sense rather than the ill-conceived, box-ticking, target driven, ideological, dogma-obsessed, inhuman, robotic morons like Sharon Shoesmith and her fucking charts and graphs looking after at-risk-children's wellbeing.

The return of the death penalty would also be a stark reminder for these thugs that they actually DO have the option to kill and be killed, or NOT!

Entirely up to them.
It's called freedom of choice which is more than Baby Peter ever had.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Baby P Mother, the Media and the Internet

"Anyone with an internet connection could have circumvented the order issued by those who oversaw the trial of Tracey Connelly and her boyfriend, Stephen Barker. Simply typing “Baby P Mother” into Google yesterday disclosed Connelly’s name and picture in a matter of seconds.

Newspapers and the established media have stuck by the rules for months to avoid being in contempt of court. The internet, however, is uncontrollable."

I'll hold my hands up.

Tracey Connolly, Stephen Barker and Jason Barker (or Jason Owen, as he now prefers to be known) were the mindless, murdering bastards of that poor defenseless Baby P, Peter Connolly.

I was so utterly appalled that I felt compelled to name all the lowlife scum involved and display all their pictures in a post I did here, 3 months ago, on Friday 22nd May 2009.

Followed by more naming and shaming of the murdering bastards and the details of their lenient sentencing on Tuesday 16th June 2009.

Does that make ME a bad person?

Well tough fucking shit if it does!

And let us not forget Sharon Shoesmith, the heartless, unremorseful bitch who did nothing to prevent the murder of Peter Connelly.

Hang the fucking lot of them; Tracey Connelly, Stephen Barker, Jason Barker and Sharon Shoesmith. Maybe then, and only then, Peter Connelly will rest in peace.

That is all.

Hazel Blears Car Attacker Named

Here's this excellent scoop from Gigits . . .

Greater Manchester Police, who are investigating the vandalism of Hazel Blears car, have ceased their questioning of local hoodies, crack heads and law abiding (but annoyed) constituents after new and sensational evidence came to light, late last night.

The following photo has been e-mailed to the GMP Chief Constable:

The anonymous e-mail sender alleges that Gordon Brown has a habit of smashing up the cars of people who annoy him. The photo (above) was apparenly taken as Brown trashed Caroline Flint's car earlier this year, after she called him a "sexist, one-eyed, moronic tosser".

Police, who suspect that his ludicrous "voluntary work" announcement of last week was merely a ruse to cover a planned auto-vandalism spree, are now trying to track Brown down before he can do more damage.

When asked about the identity of the anonymous-emailer, a Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the sending e-mail address was "P.Mandleson@FSecState.Gov.UK", which rang no bells with them whatsoever...

Monday, 10 August 2009

+++EXCLUSIVE+++ Hazel Blears Car Photo

Following the attack on Hazel Blears car, the above pic was exclusively obtained shortly after the Police had left the scene. They had cleared the vehicle of any valuable items and had locked it in readiness for the car to be collected  prior to crushing.

+++BREAKING+++ Hazel Blears Attacked

Hazel Blears' car has been attacked by disgruntled voters while she was canvassing for local support in Manchester. Her Citroen Xsara Picasso was left with a damaged front window and two slashed tyres after the incident near the junction of Cemetery Road and Eccles New Road in Weaste.

What a fucking result!!

EXCLUSIVE new photo
of Hazel Blears damaged car can be found here

Previous attacks on Hazel Blears can be found here.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Barack Obama & Gordon Brown : The Joker

Fucking Muslim Extremists

For fuck's sake, where will it all end?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Run That By Me Again . . .

Rapists, murderers and paedophiles.
Do your worst.
The Police have far more important things to do.

Barack Obama is a Racist

Barack Obama is a racist cunt.
Gordon Brown is a racist cunt.

Let's have a look at the evidence.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Fucking Angry As Fuck

So fucking angry that I can't even think straight, let alone blog about Bob 'Im on fucking holiday enjoying myself while 3 more troops get blown to bits' Ainsworth.

I'll leave you in the more than capable hands of Subrosa and OldRightie, who have done an excellent job of telling it how it is.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Not Too Safe For Work

See how close you can get to the exact answer
that I have written down on the back
of an empty bank account statement and
placed into the safe at G.O.T. Towers.

It should be staring you in the face ;-)