Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Balls Of Steal ++Updated++

How well do you know Ed Balls?

What do you really know about Gordon Brown's bully boy in chief
and Labour candidate for Morley and Outwood?

Claiming £33 for poppy wreaths is fucking disgrace!

The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics has bought advertising space in
the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, Morley and Outwood Observer
and Wakefield Express, attacking Ed Balls for expenses abuse.

More details here.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Balls is a cunt that ought to be put up against a wall and shot, the fucking thieving cunt!

Anonymous said...

At the very time that both Balls and the fucking orange man Hain have realised the game is up, and yet are still trying to TELL people how to vote, I see the one eyed fuckwit is now instructing everyone to "Come home to Labour".

He really isn't on this fucking planet, and if genuinely had any common decency left in that rancid skin of his, he'd learn the sentence in fucking Urdu, which would obviously go down far better with his newly imported "Core Voters".

banned said...

Congrats to The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics for that advertising attack, up close and personal, Balls won't like that, the cunt.