Monday, 10 May 2010

Gordon Brown Resigns ++Video++

Gordon Brown has started the scramble for a new leader of the Labour Party and left the door wide open for a Lib Lab coalition.
My bet still looks safe then ;-)

More later ........



banned said...

That cunt Clegg wants shooting. Does the twat really think that by getting the well hidden Lord Mandy to fuck Brown off he'll end up in a 'government' that will last more than a few weeks? He must be raving bonkers just like the rest of them.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Now we see what two-faced back-stabbing cunts the Lib Dumbs really fucking are as thay are now in talks with the Labour loser fuckwit cunts, what an utter fucking disgrace this really fucking is now, and that un-elected cunt Brwon is STILL hanging on as PM! All thes Lib/Lab socialist cunts ought to be fucking strung up in the hung fucking Parliament!! Cameron should just step in right now and go it alone without the other cunts!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

It's time for Cameron to get Clegg to put up, or fuck off.

Get Smart said...

McDoom hopes in 12 months time he will still be swatting in No10.
Its reported he going to give some on the job training for a new leader.
On the job training from McDoom you could not make it up.
After 12 months on the job training McDoom will announce the "trainee" is not up to the job so he will stay as PM for the good of the country.