Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Gordon Quits As PM : Fire Up The Quattro

Gordon Brown is all set to resign as the unelected, snot gobbling, mono eyed, pill popping, pant wetting, economy fucking, war mongering, bully boy of a prime mentalist.

About fucking time.

Word has it that he will be making an official statement this evening and, within 24 hours, he will quit politics altogether just like that other lying fuckwit Tony Blair did. Harriet Harman is set to be caretaker leader of the Labour Partyin opposition.

So...... Dave Cameron will be off to the Palace and Nick Clegg will be, err, um, well fuck knows what he'll be doing but I can't see Georgie Boy letting Vince Cable anywhere near Number 11.



banned said...

Harriet Harridan specifically ruled herself out of the Labour leadership on telly yesterday.

Mind you, with her 'equality agenda' she'll probably watch the selection process and then grab the job for herself since that would be 'fair', the cunt.

I see that Nicky "rent-boy" Clegg is now flaunting himself back at Camerons place since Labour don't want to pay what he is demanding for a piece of his sweet ass.

entri said...

Brown added to his constituency tally. It would make little sense for him to exit Parliament completely and force a by-election.

Unless he is now desperate to leave. Is there some shit he knows is due and wants to be nowhere near when it hits? Being out of Parliament completely would limit the flak that could be heaped upon him.

He has occasionally been described as mentally fragile and we know he takes everything personally. Perhaps someone has persuaded him what may be coming is just too much for him to cope with.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I'm looking at betting on Brown turning up in Brussels sometime soon. Ladbrokes have him Evens for this time next week. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I watched german tv last night at my brother-out-laws, ZDF at about 7 uhr and the german fuckers reported it yesterday?
It´s taken 24 hours for the last to know??
Let every other fucker know beforehand!
I cannot believe this shit GOT!
Germany knew yesterday?
PS ard,n-24............

Mirtha Tidville said...

Rejoice Rejoice....the fucking one eyed Scotsman has finally had his lardy arse prised out of Downing street..and not before time...his comments about the armed forces he starved of cash was truely revolting...He`ll go down in history as a failure...well deserved

Joe Public said...

He may have quit Downing St, but he ain't quitting Kirkcaldy.

Snarky Basterd said...

Well done, G.O.T. Good fucking riddance. Now you get to skewer Cameron!