Monday, 24 May 2010

++Helen Newlove To Be Given Tory Peerage++



SpiteK said...

I once broke up a fight outside school. Must be worth at least a Knighthood don'tcha think?

Captain Haddock said...

Sad & wrong though the murder of her husband was .. I fail to see what she's done, other than be bereaved .. (and most of us, of a certain age have been there) to justify a Peerage ..

I lost my much respected & loved Father almost 10 years ago this July .. may I become a Peer too .. pretty please ???

Joe Public said...

Well the ConDems have to issue sufficient peerages to exceed Liebour's majority, I s'pose she's as good a candidate as any.

none said...

I think Compo is stirring in the Labour heartlands to awaken that long-dead beast - the working class Tory.

Frankly, anything they do to clear the airwaves of that zombie regime is all therapy to me...

banned said...

Davenick has to find enough new Peers with no power base of their own, the less experience the better, so as to ensure future loyalty to the Nu-Centrist regime.

Worrying lack of swearing in the comments these days G.O.T., what the fuck is THAT all about?

Houdini said...

She was a good and effective campaigner, not high profile though, which doesn't necessarily make her qualified as a peer, but then again, when a fat useless cunt like Prescott can get a peerage, then any fucker should.

Do we really want every peer to be a fucking scumbag like Prescott?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping we may have moved on from populist stunts. But on the other hand there are people like Speaker Martin in the HoL and possibly people like prescott and Smith soon?

gildas said...

I'd rather have her, who tasted the rough side of life and the shit way the system works, than that greedy incomprehensible tosser Prescott, and the host of of cronies on all sides

Daed Parrot said...

To test Helen Newlove's eligibility, please rank her in comparison to the following noble peers and then tell me she shouldn't be appointed:

Lord Mandelson, Labour - Forced to resign, not once but twice, whilst serving as a Minister of the Crown because he lied for his personal gain and lied for his friends' gain.

Former speaker Michael Martin, Labour - Presided as senior executive of Parliament during some of its most shameful times such as the expenses and cash for honours scandals and the arrest of an innocent MP. Regarded by many as a bigotted ignoramus with a hatred of anyone purely because they are better educated than him. He had no qualms in claiming the maximum level of expenses possible; his wife was ruthlessly efficient in this pursuit as well.

Lord Truscott, Labour - Took bribes to pervert the passage of laws through parliament. He claimed that he could help his "clients" influence laws at every stage of their passage through the Commons and Lords.

Lord Taylor, Labour - Was caught asking for bribes to pervert the passage of laws through parliament.

Lord Snape, Labour - Was caught asking for bribes to pervert the passage of laws through parliament.

Lord Moonie, Labour - Was caught asking for bribes to pervert the passage of laws through parliament.

Baroness Uddin, Labour - Falsified expenses claims of £189,000 on an empty unfurnished house that she had never visited in three years. When the newspapers got wind of her false claims, she and her sons suddenly moved furniture into it. She also claimed the expenses on her brother's house.

Lord Paul, Labour - Despite being a multi-millionaire, he still felt the need to exercise his faculty for greed by falsely claiming large amounts of expenses from the House of Lords.

Baroness Scotland, Labour - Minister of the Crown who passed a law about the legality of employing immigrants cheaply on the black market but felt obliged to break this law when it suited her personal needs.

Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe, Labour - Falsely claimed £140,000 out-of-London expenses whilst living in London.

Viscount Falkland, Lib Dem - Falsely claimed out-of-London expenses on his wife's aunt's house despite living in London.

Lord Rosser, Labour - Made false expense claims and practised house "flipping".

Baroness Neuberger, Labour - Falsely claimed out-of-London expenses despite living in a £2.3 million house in Regent's Park in London.

Lord Taylor of Warwick, Tory - Falsely claimed expenses on a house once lived in by his dead mother while living in West London.

Baroness Goudie of Roundwood, Labour - Falsely claimed expenses while living in a £1.5million house in Belgravia.

Lord Sheldon, Labour - Falsely claimed £130,000 in expenses on a house he did not own despite having his mortgage-free home in central London.

Lord Bhatia, Labour - Falsely claimed expenses on his brother's house in Reigate but lived in a £1.5million home in London.

Lord Clarke of Hampstead, Labour - Claimed expenses for stays in London despite staying for free at friends' houses.

... continued on page 94

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Sgt Pepperspray said...

I borrowed £20.00p from my wifes purse without telling her, spent it on smokes and alchohol. When it came to paying the mortgage we were 20 quid short and got a threatening letter. Surely this qualifies me to a seat in the lords to learn better ways to be dishonest.

banned said...

Daed Parrot Great summary, thank you, lest we forget.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Spot-on, Daed Parrot.