Friday, 7 May 2010

Gordon Brown Begs Clegg In Downing Street Speech

click pic to see Gordon Brown's speech notes



Oldrightie said...

Even as he embarrassingly begs to keep his life style the BBC prostrate themselves at Labours' feet. I suddenly realised overnight that The BBC is Peter Pederasts harem.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Just get the message in your fucking useles thick skull Mr Brown, No one wants you, no one likes you, and everyone is sick to fucking death of the very sight of you and the rest of your utterly useless Labour commie cunts, so just fuck the fucking fuck off right now you fucking brain-dead un-fucking-elected un-wanted cunt. You have fucked the country up more than enough, so just do us all a favour and FUCK OFF AND DIE! The job of PM is MOST DEFINATELY NOT your entitlement or birthright Mr Brown, all you are is just an utterly useless and totally un-employable one-eyed cyclopse fuckwit of a cunt!!!
I feel so much better I've got that off my chest G.O.T!!!

Anonymous said...

That's what we're here for BOTR and I couldn't have put it better myself ;-)

Bring On The Revolution said...

Thank you G.O.T!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Brown pathetic

Joe Public said...

Has anyone invented an antidote for SuperGlue?

Anonymous said...

A little while back one of the European firebrigades were on strike and they fought the police with a billion gallons of foam filling the streets, just a thought couldn't someone call the firebrigade only forget the foam, a few million gallons of ice cold water should clear number ten of any vermin.

Indyanhat said...

Dear PM,

I would like to draw your attention to a small fact which seems to have escaped your rapier sharp economic mind, hopefully this small reminder from one of the public whom you are employed by will just jog your memory a little.


Gordon, if I may call you that,the general public of this nation wish that you would remove yourself from the sanctum of 10 Downing Street forthwith, it is after all supposed to be the residence of the'elected' Prime Minister, of this our country, and to put it a little bluntly, you sir are not that person.
Given that our supporters outnumber your supporters by a factor of approx. 2 million, I'll repeat that for the sake of the deaf as well as the partially sighted...2 (two) MILLION, we the +2millioners think that you should go away immediately in short sharp jerky movements. The word pairs 'Pier and short', 'Running and jump','rope and hang' all spring readily to mind.
We the people of this country do not wish to be remembered in history as the first nation to be ruled by a 'Tosspot',and though it sounds similar to the term 'Despot' it hardly has the same connotations of awesome presence and ultimate power, which of course you can only dream of ascending to, as your political career was effectively finished years ago when you got rid of most of the nations gold...we probably wouldn't have held that against you as much as we do, if you had bought the missus a few thousand pairs of decent shoes or built a few magnificent palaces or something of the kind, but no you just gave it away at rock bottom bargain prices. You do realise that one of the reasons we hate you sooo much is that if you had waited till now to sell it off you would have had enough money to pay off every single mortgage in the land, leaving us all free to spend our hard earned cash driving an economic comeback for these our beautiful islands.
Of course we realise that you will never percieve these lands as beautiful, as because you are a moocular mental neanderthal, you only see things in your own peculiar 2 dimensional vision, which deprives you of any perception of depth or appreciation of our wonderful history.
Should you still be in residence in 24hrs time you will probably have brought what is left of this countries economic international standing to pre stonehenge standards which is something at least to leave as a record of your prudence in such matters, and we the + 2 MILLIONers may be forced to remove you by whatever means may be available to us (have you thought of a nice little break in say, Greece?) all that remains is for me to sign off with the famous words of Ceaser on coming to this land of ours so long ago, FICKI, FUCKI, FICKFUCKITI, which roughly translated (and I'm no scholar) means, fuck off and when you come back, fuck right back off again sharpish!

Respectfuckily yours
one of the 2+MILLIONERS,

who tried so hard to tell you politely, through channels, legally and lawfully.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Let's have a vote on the best way to exterminate Brown, Either:
A: Drop him from the air into an erupting Icelandic volcano, or
B: Throw him into the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl or
C: Feed him and the rest of his Labour fuckwit cunts to some hungry crocodiles!
Sadistic I know, but what great fun!

Amusing Bunni said...

Great Rant, BOTR! And, I'll go for "C" can get rid of all of them that way.

Anonymous said...

We didn't vote the fucker in and now we can't get the fucker out.
I have never loathed anyone more than this one eyed twat. Gordon remove your head from your arse and fuck off back home you are finished.

Indyanhat said...

Gordo u Mong

as you obviously did not take the earlier little hint (now please do try and pay attention) rearrange the following words into a well known phrase or expression:


The Boggart said...

Hey G.O.T Check this out BALLOT MACHINE sALE I gave you and dark lochnagar first dibs on this offer :-)

Anonymous said...

Great open letter @20:32. Some excellent hints and a very useful Latin phrase ;-)

Appreciate the offer. Sounds like an excellent machine in the right hands. Ours. I assume it handle postal votes too ;-)

A big fuck off flame thrower should do the trick, in this case ;-)

microdave said...

"A big fuck off flame thrower should do the trick, in this case"

Will this one do?,news-6254.html