Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Death of Gordon Brown and Labour

The excitement is building, here at G.O.T. Towers, as the big day has now finally arrived. The day when the unelected, snot gobbling, mono eyed, pill popping, bigot baiting, prime mentalist, Gordon Bully Boy Brown finally gets wiped out. Along with his beloved and much hated Labour Party.

The smell of political death is in the air and the stench gets ever more pungent as the day goes on. Bwaahahahahaha, not long to go now until the Big Sleep . . . . and then there's the funeral tomorrow.

Now that'll be fun.

I'm off to vote/write something suitably Gottish on my ballot paper and will no doubt be my usual self, if any of those clip board fuckwits approach the Grumpy Old Twat after he exits the polling station. Cue the now customary 'tut-tuts' from Pigsy when she has to accompany me on such occasions.

Never mind, I'll make it up to her later ...... I'll let her pop down to the Wine Shop with a shopping list so that she can pick up my vital supplies for tonight. Now where did I put my wallet. Oh dear, sorry luv, can't seem to lay my hands on it at the moment. Good job I'm in an excellent mood today ..... I'll even let her pay as well.

I'm just too fucking nice sometimes ;-)



Anonymous said...

And that is what i call proper tenderness! LOL
Split em a another arse m8
P.S and thanks pal for a great blog
you and fido and are tops
now get out and KICKASS

Catosays said...

I reckon you're too damn kind to Mrs GOT (I wouldn't dare to call her piggsy)

I've just forced myself to purchase a litre of Famous Grouse...purely for medicinal reasons, you understand.....slurp, hic.

Dioclese said...

I felt a song coming on again - but I have surpressed the urge.

I though perhaps something by Cole Porter along the lines of "Unelectable, That's what you are..."

Hasn't it been a nice quiet politician free day? I think we should have a poll every week!

Climate Scientologist said...

Some Righteous LibDem bitch (who looked for all the world like she works in the Public Sector - just by her general demeanour) asked to see my polling card as I entered the Polling Station.

The look on her ugly fucking face as she reached out her hand and I just said 'No' and walked right past her was priceless !

The arrogant, Righteous bitch gave me an indignant look as I walked back out.

I'm glad I didn't tell her to go fuck herself with hindsight because one of my neighbours was in there at the time.

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all !

Anonymous said...

Cheers Brickbat, hope you have a good one too.

Bloody hell Cato, even I wouldn't call her Pigsy unless it was over the phone and well out of arms reach. Just waiting for her to come back with the imbibing fluid. Hope she hasn't cocked it up ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that and again in the early hours when we see Gordoom and the Liebour Party disappear off the political cliff.

Nice work. Couldn't have done better myself, in fact I got button holed by a weedy geek with lanky hair who looked like a fucking matchstick with all the wood taken off.
"Can I see your card?". No!
I followed up with a low growl and a 10 megawatt stare which inferred there would be trouble if he asked again.

He didn't.

Barking Spider said...

You old smoothie, Gotty, turning on the charm again - you just can't help yourself, mate. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too fucking right Spidey!

I shall be on 'old trout watch' tonight, as per usual, during the live blog. The mingier the fucking better .... so to speak ;-)

Catosays said...

Talking of was Diocles.

Heres' one for Harriet.......' Nothing could be finer than to be in you vagina in the morning....und so weiter.

Christ this scotch is good.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Started early, Cato?

I'll join you later, as the results come in!

BTS said...

There were two of the buggers waiting outside my polling station to quiz me. I'm not sure whether it was the sunglasses, the vodka, the joint or the dressing-gown that put them off, but they had enough sense to leave me well enough alone..

w/v: peljoik - How does it know who I voted for..?

banned said...

Oh well at least ooor Jaqui got it in the cunt.