Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cheerfully Depressing

I was feeling quite chipper this morning, considering I'm a grumpy old twat with a hangover, but during my Sunday morning surf session I came across this cheerful ditty. A really catchy tune with a well put together video but 'fuck me' what a depressing sentiment. The worrying thing is ..... it ain't fucking far from the truth.

All together now:
Conservative or Labour
where's the fucking choice,
Who the fucking hell's Nick Clegg
the people have no voice,
If you think there'll be a sea change
then you'd better think again,
'cause voting changes nothing
apart from the fucking Government's name

No thanks to Obo for completely
fucking up my unusually cheerful mood this morning


Houdini said...

Found a contradiction from Brown that seems to confirm that the fucker is a dishonest cunt. Just posted it on my blog with a link to what he said.

Pity this didn't come before the last debate.

microdave said...

Well it made me laugh, even if it's true...