Monday, 3 May 2010

Fetch The Mind Bleach

Holy mouthwash!
Labour PPC Angela Smith appears to have been indulging in a spot of snowballing*with Gordon Brown whilst he was out on the campaign trail in Basildon today**, along with a minor celeb*** buddy of his. 

Mind you it's not the first time that the unelected douche bag has been snapped whilst apparently performing such a party trick. Remember that meeting with Nancy Pelosi last year?

Bloody Hell! Wait until Lord Manmucher of Fondleboys catches up with him at that BandB in Cookham tonight. He ain't gonna be too chuffed that Luvver Boy Brown has been at it again and there'll certainly be no sweet music on the pink oboe ├že soir, that's for sure ;-)

*This link is seriously sick and will have you reaching for the mind bleach within nanoseconds if you click on it. Don't say you haven't been warned!

**This picture ain't too easy on the eye either but if you've already clicked the first link, a little more mind bleach should do the trick.

***Duncan Bannatyne was there too but he's another one of those Labour supporting cunt bubbles, so I couldn't be fucked to mention him.



Gareth said...

Man in the dirty mac - the protection officer that went jogging?

It looks more like she's stabbed him in the back.

Indyanhat said...

The caption for the Nansi Pelosi one looks like it should read
Yes alright I'll make sure you get a taxi home but if you puke on my armani I'll make sure Sarah never gets pregnant by you again!

Good post again GOT love it!

verification mi cal it, wierd eh!

The Grim Reaper said...

In that top picture, Brown looks like someone has just shoved something right up his arse.

Judging by all the men he hangs out with however, we could be a long time working out who the culprit was.

Anonymous said...

New Labour motto for the 6th of May.

If you can't win fairly, then win at any cost.

Barking Spider said...

Those were indeed pretty bad, Gotty, but this will really turn your stomach! ;-)

banned said...

Thanks for the warning GOT but I rather suspected that"snowballing" might be a reference to some bizzare sexual practise. Isn't it amazing what you find on Wiki?

Anonymous said...

Look at the cunt with Nancy Pelosi, bet she doesn't have that one in the album. She should have hid in the kitchen like Obama Beach.

Anonymous said...

That's just fucking disgusting ;-)

Day Job
You certainly know how to fire me up. That'll be another of my posts on Voting Fraud, on it's way then.

I had to look it up myself originally ;-)