Thursday, 30 April 2009

GoodYear or Michelin?

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Send Shirts and Sign the Petition - Video


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It Could Get Worse

Spotted a story over at Tory Poppins, about the possible outcome of a Cabinet reshuffle in June by the unelected, snot chewing, piss puddling, cock eyed, pink oboe playing, ninny grinning Gordoom Brownfinger.

What really scares the shit out of me is that Lord SoreArse of Manmuncher (Gordom's favourite pink oboe tuner) is predicted to be our next Foreign Secretary!

Next stop for the tenacious testicle tickler?

The next unelected leader of  NuLabore because I can't see the worst Prime Minister since the war making it as far as the next General Election.

As for Jacqui Smith, no P45 for her then, (and why the fucking fuck not?)
she is predicted to be moved to Education!!!!

You have got to be fucking well shitting me . . . . . 

Monday, 27 April 2009

The Stench Is Overwhelming

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Grumpy Old Twat Top Trio

As a tribute to like minded fellow bloggers, each weekend I'm going to post 3 most excellent images that have caught my eye and amused me during the previous week.

So here, in no particular order,
is this week's Grumpy Old Twat Top Trio . . . .

More Sleaze Stains

James Purnell, Minister for the dirty thieving workshy, is the latest cabinet minister to join the the sleaze ridden ranks of NuLabore expenses whores.

According to the Sunday Express James 'Pigsty' Purnell has claimed £1600 for cleaning his £1820 a month apartment but, on closer inspection, it seems that he has vacated his 2nd home without actually cleaning it!

Wine stains on the walls, grimy kitchen, dirty sink and damp patches on the filthy carpets were just some of evidence of neglect, according to the tax payer funded tenant's landlord.

James Purnell, Minister for the dirty thieving workshy.
Leading by example.


The Gurkhas

I am absolutely disgusted with the way that our spineless Government is treating the Brigade of Gurkhas. If you haven't already done so, please take time to sign the online Petition for Justice here.

A few weeks ago I posted a video over at The All Seeing Eye which, although it doesn't directly depict the Gurkhas, still carries the same sentiment . . . . .

That is all.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Jacqui Smith Blogspot

I had a few minutes to spare the other night and started looking to see which blogspot names were still available and I spotted an absolute must fucking have.

Fuck me sideways, I thought,
surely I can't get away with registering that one!

 Can I?

Well apparently I can.

What a fucking result!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Gordon's Little Britain

You Need Help Darling

Not content with already having gambled away our grandchildrens' inheritance, and their grandchildren's too, Gordoom the Goofer's fiscal fucking mouthpiece has just thrown another staggering £175 BILLION onto the roulette table.

And that's just for now.

Get help you total twatting twat.

Fuck the fuck off and take that unelected fucktard, with his hand up your arse, with you!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Send Gordon Your Shirt

The Send Gordon Your Shirt Campaign from Old Holborn.

Wouldn't it be great if Downing Street received a few thousand shirts off peoples backs in the post this week?

Do it.

Find an old shirt, stuff it in an envelope and spend a £1 sending it to the man who is costing your grandchildren thousands.

Spread the word.
Post this everywhere you can.
Show that twat what the blogosphere is capable of.

What's In The Memo Hazel?

Should Have Gone To Specsavers Darling

And keep your fucking tax hungry mitts off the red wine.

You bushy eye browed, fiscal fucking bastard. You shot in the dark, clutching at straws, Chancer of the BouncedChequer from the Twattery. You baffoon of an unelected Gordoom Brownfinger's mouthpiece.

Fuck off and fill the expense fiddling, sleaze ridden black hole of a fucked-in-the-arse British economy, from the tax-payer-cash laden bank accounts that all you fucking arsewipes at NuLabore have got.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Does My Arse Look Big In This?


Now fuck off.
You lard ridden, pocket lining, freedom fucking, kebab gorging cunt.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Snouts In The Trough 1653

On this momentus day in history,
a most excellent offering here by the All Seeing Eye .

That is all.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

SmearGate 2

It's all kicking off again over at Guido Fawkes!
And Tory Bear is on the case too!

It's only a matter of time.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Jacqui Smith is a CUNT

Old Holborn has an excellent idea.
Let's all call Jacqui Smith a cunt.

Get over there and join in, if enough of us make our voices heard we can fuck the fuck off the useless cunt for good.

My contribution for today is to update the graphic I did yesterday, so here is the revised version with added cunt.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Goodbye Dolly

I see Dolly 'the dipshit' Draper is on his way out then.

Guido has the breaking story.

What am I going to do now?

Dolly was such a good source of entertaining parody and I’m sure going to miss that egotistical twat in that respect.

So I guess we won’t be seeing him over here anymore then?


Obama Unveils Presidential Poodle

Bollock Obummer officially announced the adoption of his new presidential poodle shortly after the recent G20 summit. Nicknamed 'Shitter', it is a rare Scottish Shitzyu breed which are renowned for being experts at burying things.

Although not fully house trained the Obummers are hoping that 'Shitter' will soon stop pissing everywhere once he gets used to the training pads. His other habit, of using his arse to smear shit on to anyone that upsets him, is thought to be due to some type of arrogant mental health problem coupled with a tendency to bark up the wrong tree.

Obummer says that he has consulted a British Lord about 'Shitter's' dirty habit and he advises him that a butt plug should cure this.

Although 'Shitter' only has one-eye, is grossly overweight due to his penchant for fois gras and also has anger management problems they are also hoping to employ an animal physcotherapist called O'Dollie D'Raper to assist with his all around well being.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Red Rag Blogspot

Now what do we have here?

I don't think that this blog site is going to be around for too long.
Luckily I have already managed to grab a couple of screen images before it disappears.

But I know nothing about it, right.

Oh, and if you are interested in the detail, high res versions are available to view at the foot of this blog.

BBC In A Spin . . . Again

This from the Sky News, website this morning . . .

Tories Livid Over Lack Of 'Smeargate' Apology
Senior Conservatives are reported to be furious that Gordon Brown has still not apologised to the people smeared in the Downing Street email scandal.

And this from BBC News, on their website this morning . . . 

Tories Demand Slur E-mail Apology
The Conservatives are continuing to demand an apology from Gordon Brown for e-mails sent by a former adviser which discussed smearing senior Tories.

Monday, 13 April 2009

More Smear Twats Dot Com


Shamelessly lifted from The Lone Voice.
A most excellent video of the blogosphere's take on SmearGate so far!

Try Something New

Cc: Derek Draper

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sorry Yet Gordon?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Smear Twats Dot Com

A little bit more here.

Damian McBride Bin Ends

It is almost certain now that Damian McBride will be fucked off into obscurity, by Brownfinger's army of spin doctoring dickwipes, in a desperate attempt to disassociate the one eyed snot gobbling twat from a shit smearing campaign he, more than likely, had his own stubby little Brownfinger in anyway.

So, to celebrate , I thought I would open a bottle of this . . . 

"Well, how do you do, young Damain McBride?
Do you mind if I sit here, down by your graveside?
And I'll rest for a while in the warm summer sun,
I've been walking all day, Lord, and I'm nearly done."

Off to the wine rack now to see what I can crack open next in anticipation of Dolly 'pussydick' Draper's welcome departure to No Man's Land too.

***** Update *****
According to Guido, McBride has now been fired!
So, please form an orderly queue Messrs. Draper, Watson and Brown.


Hat Tip Damian McBride

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Anti Sleaze Sleaze

Spotted this absolute fucking outrage at the online current bun.

Ten of our honourable MP's troughing tosspots, who are supposed to be acting as anti-sleaze watchdogs on our behalf, have claimed £4million in expenses.

Apparently members of the all-party Committee on Standards and Privileges have syphoned off the taxpayer an eye fucking watering £4,047,325 since joining in July 2005.

This is on top of the MP cash creaming cunts salary of £64,000.

Three of the troughing twats have claimed the full £23,083 second home allowance and a fourth sky rocketed just £1,000 short of the maximum.

Last year the same 'anti sleaze' fucking sleaze shites claimed £1.4million of our hard earned cash in housing, travel, staff and office costs.

The Chairman of these swag stashing shit bags, Tory MP Sir George Young, even employs his daughter via his taxpayer-funded allowances. 

And get this . . . . 

Labour’s Andrew Dismore spent a staggeringly unbelievable £37,414 just on stationery in the year that he joined the committee.


37 grand on fucking letterheads and shit.
Fuck off.
What was it printed on?
Fifty pound notes! 

And fuck me sideways with a wad of folding, the piss taking prick managed another fucking £29,145 on even more stationery in the following year.

This leaves me to ask the same old fucking question.

Who is watching the watchers?

That is all.

Brown On Brown

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Gordon Brown Has Broken Down

Monday, 6 April 2009

Too Busy To Hold An Election!

Apparently our esteemed Prime Minister the unelected, one eyed, pant pissing lardy arse is far too busy to hold a General Election just now.

You're having a fucking giraffe aren't you?

Too busy! Too fucking busy!

Scared fucking shitless more like.
Kacking his oversized pants (makes a change from pissing them) because not even that deluded twat can possibly think he can win a General Election after pushing our Country over the precipice of an economic cliff.

Unbelievably the Rt.Hon. Gordon Brown man munching mound of margarine, thinks that he can win a snap General Election by capitalising on his "G20 summit bounce" in the opinion polls. Who the fuck did they consult for this poll? Him?

"I am not going to get into talk about dates" he said, "We have got to show people how we can take the country through this difficulty."

Fuck the fuck off.
We can already see the evidence of what you are capable of.
And we don't fucking care much for it.

click on picture to enlarge

As for hopeless Hattie Harman, she is fucking convinced that she is going to be the next party leader of the equally hopeless NuLabore. 

Apparently the man hating minge muncher is already trying to persuade slippery Jack Straw to be her leadership campaign manager.

Yes that's right.

The very same twat that managed Gordoom's and Bliar's leadership campaigns and look where that fucking got us all.

Fuck the fuck off, the whole pathetic lot of you!

That is all.

Cash in the Attic

. . . . and the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge
and even the fucking garden!

Even more details of that despicable cash cow Jacqui Smith and her husband Dirty Dick's tax payers money spending spree have emerged in the Sunday Sexpress.

The whole outrageous £150,000 list of expenses that those two twats have been creaming off us all, on top of their generous annual salaries, (Wacqui £142,000 and Wackoff £40,000) is detailed in the paper, room by room.

I won't go into each individual item here but the approximate totals for each room are as follows:

Kitchen £2336

Bathroom £1218

Living Room £2815

Bedroom £815

Garden £2210

General Services £3896

 . . . and, as if that wasn't enough, for the last five years they have also managed to syphon off another huge pile of our hard earned cash by banging receipts in for all the following:

Mortgage £54249

Utility Bills £9881

Council Tax £4488

Home Insurance £1990

Cleaning £12000

Internet £13617

TV Licence £680

Absolutely fucking astounding isn't it.

I am sick and fucking tired of this dictatorial, duplicitous drongo telling us all what to do and how to behave whilst the fat arsed sponger and her cock waving husband are jerking us off for every fucking penny that they can get their grubby little hands on.

I will not let up on this poor excuse for an MP until she has been jackbooted out of office and dragged herself, and that equally loathsome husband of hers, back under a fucking stone where they both belong.

That is all!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Great Britain is Drowning

Here is an excellent video nasty that I've picked up from The Screech.

A brilliant friggin' piss take of the one-eyed, snot gobbling, pant pissing, unelected fat fuck Gordoom Brownfinger and his useless bunch of troughing, totalitarian twats.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fuck the Fuck Off!