Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ed and David, Which Is Which?

Rather predictably, Ed Miliband has thrown his twat hat into the ring for the race(?) to be the new leader of the New/old/progressive/dead in the water Labour Party. He joins his brother David, the jug eared creator of wet dreams for the slack jawed Hilary Clinton (*puke*).

I say predictably because the Labour Party desperately need to raise some sort of interest in an otherwise 'no one gives a flying fuck about Labour anymore' leadership election. So.... which is which when it comes to the brothers twat? Here's a handy cut out and keep guide for you to pin up on the pub dart board tonight, before it closes due to the smoking ban and the hike in alcohol prices .......

Personally, I'm looking forward to Ed 'blinky' Balls joining the battle to replace the one eyed fuckwit (what is it with Labour and eye probelms?) and I hope he wins. I really do. That'll guarantee that the next election is as good as lost already.

Oh, and look out for a dark horse coming up on the rails. Nick Clegg likes to cover all eventualities so it wouldn't surprised me if that flip flopping fuckwit decided to run for Labour leader too. Just in case.



Captain Haddock said...

My rule of thumb whenever judging someone's character is .. "Would I feel confident in buying a used car form this person" ..

I wouldn't even buy a second hand Dinky toy from either of these wankers ..

banned said...

As a confirmed member of the " 'no one gives a flying fuck about Labour anymore' " brigade I don't give a flying fuck but I daresay that Dave got their mum (poor woman) to make Ed stand just to avoid having yet another unelected leader, not that I give a flying fuck one way or another.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Suffice to say the "Banana Wielding Cunt versus the Bunged Up Nose Cunt but both Bilderberg Cunts Nonetheless" story has dominated the BBC this evening, given one of theirs got a less-than-fucking-satisfactory prod in the guts off an enriching constituent.

Cunts must be "gutted" ;-)

MTG said...

Labour leadership is like a box of chocolates.