Sunday, 16 May 2010

Arise Lord Pies

Gordon Brown has yet to decide when his resignation peerages will be published but a close ally has said "The Team Gord list of Lord and Lady fuckwits includes John Prescott and Sue 'blame me for bigotgate' Nye. it's just a question of when McSnotty feels like taking the piss and releasing it".

Other names rumoured to be included are Ruth Kelly, Des Browne and Anna Healey. Ms Healey, who has most recently fagged for Harriet Harman, is the wife of John Cruddas who is expected to join the Labour Party leadership contest. Oh, and let's not forget that Ms Nye's husband, Gavyn Davies, is a former investment wanker banker and chairman of the BBC and a one time landord of Gordon's partner in grime .......... Lord Lob On of Fondleboys.

Give me fucking strength!



Joe Public said...

Wot? Nothing for Jacqui Smith?

Captain Haddock said...

Utterly hypocritical cunts .. one & all

i albion said...

Does this make this tub of lard a TOFF? but he hates TOFFS,your right Haddock,but especially this c***!

JohnRS said...

Oink, oink, oink.

Same trough, new snouts.

gildas said...

Greedy illiterate jobsworth cunt in House of Lords appointment shock. Not.

All Seeing Eye said...

Blair didn't ever issue resignation honours, which would have been the first batch to have been vetted. Cash for Honours, remember that one?

Maybe Brown won't do it either.

banned said...

Can Brown Lord himself?

Sgt Pepperspray said...

Right that's fuckin it I am so enraged at this news that I have just e-mailed my local GP and asked him to raise questions in the house.

Dear DR Ishaq.

I have just been made aware of a disgusting event that is about to take place. I take it that you are aware of the fact that John Presscott is going to be given a peerhood from Gordon Brown. I find this utterly abominable and as you may imagine am very angry indeed. Do you think that I fought in 3 world wars so that fat cunts like him can sit all day in the lords eating pies at the taxpayers expense? If you have any integrity at all you will raise this question in the house. If you fail to take any action on this matter I will have no alternative but to report you to Watchdog. This could be very damaging to your career as you will not only lose my vote, but pssibly hundreds more when they see your smug face on the television and learn of your cowardice.

Sgt Pepperspray