Monday, 16 February 2009

Cowboy Builders Banned

A story based on The Three Little Pigs has been rejected by a Government backed awards event because the judges have decided it might offend Muslims . . . . .

. . . . . and builders!

What? Fuck off!

We mustn't upset Cowboy fucking builders.
We might offend them.

What? (again) Fuck off! (again)

You must be having a fucking giraffe.
They are one of the 'scum groups' of the earth for fucks sake! Along with those other  lowlifes, The Chavs and The Pikeys.

He certainly won't be tawtting well amused at having to take the poor sensitive feelings of those money swindling, home wrecking, couldn't give a shit, Cowboy Builders into consideration!

Also, the same book has been criticised by judges of the event because "the use of pigs raises cultural issues".

How many more times are these 'minority mong' muslim defenders going to keep fucking telling us all what to do every five minutes. And what not to do too, for that matter.

Sick of it.
Sick and fucking tired of it.
Sick and fucking tired of minority groups trying to run our lives. Muslim this, Islam that, racist the other.

Oh, and while we are on the subject, that pussydick, Dolly Draper has jumped on the 'fuck off you racists' band-wanker-wagon by all accounts.

Dolly Draper.
A prime example of a complete, catergory A, class one twat who is way beyond the meaning of the word cuntishness*


Screech said...

It's not so much that they think it will offend cowboy builders, as much as their big builders arses bearing any resemblence to pigs and then causing offence to muslims, fucking cunt-wipes how much lower will our countries officials sink to suck raghead cock?

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye was most amused to find the builders have spent all of today down the pub as it was 'too cold to work'. Entertainingly, this also allowed bastard youths of this parish to kick in the glass of some of the new windows that suppliers had happily just dumped outside the front door.

It's almost pointless to note that the "devout" Muslim who runs our local pub and has spent all of today serving those wankstain builders always has a Tia Maria and Coke going under the counter for when he thinks nobody is watching.

TheEye places itself in the "Fucking Fucked Off" category today, and is on the red wine.

banned said...

My local Imam tells me that Muslims are not offended by the mere presence of pigs. It is the act of EATING them that they find unpleasant.
I dislike lager but if OTHER people want to drink piss then that's up to them.

It is the judges of this " government sponsored competition " that should be criticised, not Muslims who hate this kind of thing done in their name by Righteous cunts.

Cate Munro said...

WTF? Are you SERIOUS??????? Are you telling me that we can't now use tthe story of the Three Little Pigs because it offends MUSLIMS??????????????????? Oh my fucking God! This is making my blood boil!

Anonymous said...

G.O.T. thinks The Eye is entitled to place himself in the "Fucking Fucked Off" category. What a bunch of useless, lazy bastards they seem to be. I will raise a glass of red to The Eye tonight and wish him an upturn in his fortune.

EBC, yes it's the Righteous cunts that are to blame, yet again! I wonder if they ever actually ask 'the defended if they actually fucking well want to be defended', as Screech would say.

TP - watch the blood pressure, it sounds like it could be reaching G.O.T. proportions. I usually find that drinking Industrial quantities of red wine eases the problem.