Tuesday, 24 February 2009


The deal has been struck.
The All Seeing Eye and St Crispin have been invited to vent their spleen and spew their bile here, at Sweary Towers, when life gets just a bit too much for them and only good old anglo fucking saxon buggery bollocks will do!

And, just to prove that I can manage a twatting sentence without fucking well swearing, I shall kindly accept their invite to do the occasional non fuckety fuck sweary bollocks of a post over at their place.

Sometimes swearing just isn't appropriate.
For example, G.O.T. was going to throw the odd fuck into this welcome but it just didn't seem to get the right message across, in fact it appeared to do exactly the opposite.


See what I mean?

So, in that case, I would just like to say 'Hello' and 'Welcome' to you both.



banned said...

Good to see you gents getting along so well.
Nice Hello ! edition, can we expect the next to be of St. Jade ?

btw, I looked again at your suggestion about blogging a bit


You get a hat-tip in my first post G.O.T.

Catosays said...

More power to your epiglottises!

cetățeanul turmentat said...


Your blog is very amusing, but I am glad I do not live in Nu Britain.

By the way, in Romanian, Grumpy Old Twat would (literally rather than idiomatically) be "Pizda batrina si artagoasa" or "Pizda batrina si moroconoasa".

Anonymous said...

"Pizda batrina si artagoasa"
Wow, that's a bit of a mouthful so I'll just stick with G.O.T. for now.

Thanks for stopping by at my place though.

banned said...

cetățeanul turmentat , I visited your country in 1989 and I had a very pleasant time, thank you.

St Crispin said...

I visited you country, but I can't say when, where, or for what reason!

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye also visited Romania, but it was for beer. And women, of course.

He found that both were available, but St Crispin probably got to blow things up and fire missiles at stuff as well.

Life isn't fair sometimes.