Sunday, 15 February 2009

Fabulous News for Joe Townsend

Please watch this video clip.

I know, I know.
Noel Edmonds is normally right at the top of my 'twat list' too but this clip is one of the most heart warming things that I have seen in many a year.

I was originally made aware of the plight of Joe Townsend via this post by the All Seeing Eye.

I too was so incensed that I was amongst the many people who took the time to contact Wealden District Council to demonstrate my disgust at the way they were treating this 20 year old Marine, who had lost both his legs during a stint in Afghanistan.

It now appears that so many people were outraged at this ridiculous situation that the Council have now had to rethink their approach.

And rightly so.

I don't mind telling you that, after watching such a marvelous outcome, there was distinct evidence of wetness around the G.O.T.'s eyes.

Rare tears of joy after witnessing such a magnificent display of human kindness.

It just goes to show that this Country hasn't completely 'gone to the dogs' yet.


banned said...

I saw the original angry Noel youtube vid, more power to his elbow but what has become of this country that it takes publicity from him to get something like this sorted.

banned said...

And another thing, what happened to the wankstain public servant who sneered at Noels " entertainment show " ?
Has he killed himself out of shame ? Thought not.