Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Now It's Cricket That's Been Hit For Six

The barking mad Muslims, are at it again and have rudely interrupted my Nostalgic Nirvana.

Therefore, today I am a FAGOT and not a GONT.

That over sensitive minority of fucking cretins have found something else in their handbook of "How To Fuck Britain Up The Arse", to enable them to pour even more fuel on the 'political correctness has gone fucking mad' bonfire.

And this time it's cricket.

It's just not cricket!!

The winners of last years Twenty20 Cup, the Middlesex Crusaders, have been forced to change their name after "one or two" angry complaints from Muslim communities.

Apparently this tiny minority are concerned that the name 'Crusader' is a direct reference to the medieval Christian crusades which saw military wars waged against other faiths.

It's just a name of a world renowned cricket team, you twats, they just play cricket. They have been called the Crusaders for over ten years. It's just an innocent nickname, nothing more nothing less. What's your fucking problem?

It's getting beyond a joke when these 'touchy twats' want to start fucking around with the names of our cricket teams.

Well I, for one, will not be calling Middlesex Crusaders by their new name of Panthers.

Piss, shit, fuck, wank, bollocks to all you dirty bearded, trouble making, bunch of fuckwits.

Leave my/our beloved game alone and go and wash your dirty fucking face fungus in the nearest acid bath.



Lorenzo said...

I thought it was really funny they chose Panthers, for the first thing that came into my mind in a nano second was visions of the Black Panthers in USA standing on the Olympic podium with their fists clenched. Now we're have all the white Labour BBC PC nutters up in arms moaning about a white team in white named after blacks in black. Can't have that surely. Its all so very confusing. Can't we just shoot all these PC bastards.

All Seeing Eye said...

Being a cricket bloke, sorry GOT but I've nicked this one now (with full credit of course)

banned said...

I wanna complain.
Having been taught to do as I am told I followed the instructions on your graphic, hurt my head and broke my plasma screen.
I'm having to post this on my poxy old monitor.

Twenty years ago the Muslims forced the Mecca Bingo in Luton to change its name but who gave a fuck about what went on in Chav Central Luton.
No one helped them so why should cricket types expect any help ( especially as they cravenly caved in ) ?

Anonymous said...

Good point EBC, why is it that so many people 'cave-in' to these over sensitive minorities so readily.

It only helps to encourage further, utterly ridiculous, situations like these ad infinitum when they ignore an opportunity to stand up for good old fashioned common sense.