Friday, 20 February 2009

Perceived Social Isolation

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G.O.T., try staying calm and rational after reading this article which points the finger at the latest group of NHS Resources ABUSERS:

Loneliness as harmful as smoking and obesity

In outline this states that single people get ill because they lack companionship, they get as ill as smokers and the obese. Because they are single they lack self-control and are therefore more likely to 'comfort eat', give up on exercise regimes, have a second or even third 'comfort scotch' to combat feelings of loneliness and depression.

The reason they are single is because they lack social skills (which might be interpreted as being anti-social).

Statisics show that the largest number of households by size = 1
They are easily identifiable because they will have signed up for single discount Council Tax ( ie data-base already in place, cunning huh !)
Single people. The New Jews.

G.O.T. says:
Calm? Rational?
Not a fucking hope in hell.

Perceived Social Isolation!
Where the fuck did that come from?
Its called LONELINESS you scientific twats!
Why do you have to think up stupid names for things that means we have to ask what they mean which means you might as well have used the original meaning in the first place.

AND, more importantly, how many more ways are they going to find to preclude people from receiving care via the NHS. And anyway what the fuck is wrong with being single. It's not a twatting disease, you can't fucking catch it! Some people would fucking well prefer to be on their own.

AND, as EBC points out, this is yet another way for the Government to segregate innocent members of the population by stealth.

Finally, if loneliness is such a bad thing I hope Gordoom Brownfinger finds it soon by fucking the fuck off and leaving us all alone. Come to think of it he's already a fat fucker so maybe he's already half way there.

One can only wish.


Fidothedog said...

Jesus wept is there no area the state won't put its sodding nose.

Folk are alone for a whole raft of reasons, from being total arseholes -like Gordon - to choosing to live that way.

Any excuse to waste money an employ more lonely people advisors on £60K a year.

Catosays said...

I'm married but I absolutely love being on my own. The week or twenty that she decides to go off 'visiting' are sheer bliss. WTF has it got to do with anyone what our reasons are for doing as we do?

Cate Munro said...

Usual Chocolate Brownie wank-splattery! Fucking ridiculous

All Seeing Eye said...


Why haven't you got a blog yet?

Judging from your comments on other sites including mine it would be a daily must-read for TheEye.

banned said...

I am single ( which is why that twattery caught my eye ).
It is a condition that I set out to achieve and far from being depressed and sad I love it because, outside of work, I don't ever have to justify myself to any other fucker.
I don't have to tell anyone where I am going, when I will be back, what I am doing or who I am doing it with.

TheEye. Thank you for the compliment, I enjoy responding to intelligent or amusing posts of others but do not consider myself capable of sufficient original thought to sustain a blog of my own.

Anonymous said...

EBC, I agree with The Eye but, if you prefer, I will always be happy to oblige with a facility for your postings here, if that should be of interest.
As and when you wish.

My email is if you have any further suggestions. Discretion is, of course, always assured.

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye makes a similar offer. My blog is less sweary (except when it comes to my builders. Cunts) and has a military interest too, so how about contributing to both - post on whichever one you feel that a particular rant is most suitable for? and, and as with GOT, discretion is the watchword.

Anonymous said...


All Seeing Eye said...

Yes, GOT, seems like a good idea.

Just on a personal note...of my three builders we now have one with a broken hip because he fell down my stairs drunk, yesterday the two others didn't turn up and I bumped into one in the off-licence who said he had gout - and the third left a post-it note in the middle of my flat screen monitor today saying that he wasn't going to do anything because all of his mates were off.

*Not happy*

Unknown said...

Thanks Gents, just got in but 'straight to bed '; I'll get back to you tomorrow, or more likely, Monday; " hic".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps The Eye could suggest to the twat that did turn up but couldn't be fucking arsed, that he was suffering from 'perceived constructional isolation'.

It's a good job those useless trio of twatting builders aren't anywhere near Twat Towers otherwise they would be getting a swift introduction to the business end of my 'first fix' nail gun!

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye has nicked the graphic from "Mandy Gets The Decorators In" and will be using it for an upcoming sweary rant. Sorry, but it is a perfect image to compliment the bile which will be spewed.

Anonymous said...

The Eye, as always, is more than welcome.
However the GOT is astonished to hear that you will be breaking your no fucky sweary rule. I can only surmise that 'builders' are involved.

If it helps, you can always post or crosspost from here. This invitation will always be available to The Eye at anytime. Especially if a situation becomes such that he should require the need to swear like a fucking GOT.

All Seeing Eye said...

No, "Builders" are not involved in the rant.

The rant is about "Cunts-Sitting-In-A-Bar-For-Three-Days-With-Unfitted-Windows-Still-Outside-My-Fucking-House-Two-Weeks-In-To-A-Fucking-4-Fucking-Day-Job" people.

Entertainingly, the 'builder' with the allegedly broken hip could make it up the steps outside the pub today.

Not quite that broken, then? Eh, sunshine?

The posting/crossposting offer is very welcome. TheEye respects his fellow blog contributor St Crispin who is not sweary so is grateful for a forum to vent his spleen. Cheers.

Anonymous said...


Wow! Now that's what I call fucking angry and I can assure you that I am not laughing either. It's just not fucking funny how those cunts are treating you.