Sunday, 15 February 2009

Halal Hath No Fury Like A Pizza Scorned

I was absolutely fucking incensed by this post from Tory Poppins about the range of 'slit an animals throat' pizzas, that have been foisted upon us by those minority loving mongs at Dominoes Pizzas.

According to the President of the Halal Food Authority, "It's good news for Muslims . . . "
So what about the rest of us meat eating fuckers who are still in the majority?

I'm not a particularly big fan of pizzas. I just like to have one every so often but that's not the point. Freedom of choice is what it should be all about.

Read it and weep.

That is all.


Cate Munro said...

Abso-fucking-lutely G.O.T! I'm totally fucking screwing!! (See - you're making me fucking swear!! Respect!!) ;-)

Screech said...

Don't these fucking idiots ever consider that there might be a backlash? I love pizza but won't be getting one from dominoes again.

Anonymous said...

That's fucking right!
Let's spread the word and vote with the feet.

All Seeing Eye said...

In the part of the world where TheEye drifts, there aren't any Domino's so no boycott possible.

Pizza Express: American Hot plus double extra pepperoni, extra chilli is the order-du-jour.

If I recall ,there was an incident a year ago or so when some schools did the same thing and would *only* serve halal -to avoid mistakes- was the excuse.

Fuck me.

If I wanted a fucking goat killed for lunch and have its blood drained in my bathtub then I'd fucking ask for it. Don't just do it and randomly serve it to my kids.

Screech said...

Thing is these savage bastards bleed the poor fucking animal while it's still alive!! I would like to know that any meat i eat, is coming from humanely slaughtered animals.

Anonymous said...

The whole principal just 'gets my fucking goat' (apologies to The Eye for the pun).

It's all about having choices and we are constantly being faced with twats who are hellbent on starving us of them.

I would be horrified if I were to subsequently discover that I'd consumed meat inhumanely slaughtered by inhumane savages.