Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pour Yourself a Scotch and Tell Your Bird To Shut It

The fucking Sweeney are back on the streets!
Oh how I wish that WERE true.

The music, the motors, the political incorrectness. I never missed an episode, it was always the highlight of my week and something to really look forward to in the next.

Occasionally you can still find repeats of this classic series being pumped out on one of those 'tucked away' digital channels.

Oh what joy!

"Look slag I don't give a toss who you have in your bed . . . "

Fucking bring it on!

The Sweeney ran for 4 years in the 70's.
53 episodes were made in total and these went on to be shown in 51 countries and it is still regarded, by many, as the most successful police series ever made for British TV.

"We're The Sweeney and we haven't had any dinner, you're nicked!"



Window Licker said...

McLovin' the car chase..

Watch the film, Diane Keen gets them out for a nanosecond, lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I remember that too!
Thank god, in later years, someone invented the Video Player. Slo-mo anyone?

banned said...

Changing attitude - Porridge