Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tractor Stats - Anybody Know Why He's Gone?

Oh dear, Tractor Stats seems to have disappeared from the Blogosphere.

I really hope that it is not something sinister and everything is OK with him.

Does anyone have any info?

Really hope to see him back soon, don't you?

Fingers crossed.


Catosays said...

He was still showing in my links...until I clicked on it and found the blog had been removed..

Hope he's ok!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here Cato.
Seems strange that there was no warning.
It's all a bit worrying.

banned said...

plus machiavelli, elctro kevin and bobs blog; which stopped posting after recording OHs little walk and served as an archive record of same.

banned said...

Fighting the good fight, Tractor Stats style


Anonymous said...

I emailed Tractor Stats a couple of days ago at 2 different addresses that I have for him and was really hoping that he might have replied by now.

Alas, no news so far.