Monday, 2 February 2009

At Least I Admit To Wetting Myself Gordon

My thanks go to It's Either Banned or Compulsory for this alternative version of the Smash advert. Nice one!

I'd never seen this clip before and laughed like a fucking laughing fucker, who couldn't stop fucking laughing, when I watched it. Which was good because I had a shit day today and it was just the tonic I needed. In fact I pissed myself laughing!

Fucking brilliant, they were. Proper fucking alternative comedy from the 70's, years before all those other fuckers gave it a try.

God bless them both.


Screech said...

Clearly masters in their own field, yes Gord i wet myself fahckin cunt

Catosays said...

Just love Derek and Clive....ROFL

Anonymous said...

Once again-something that sounds dainty and educated with a British accent. Here's some more:


I could listen to Rick Gervais all day long. I almost shat myself listening to him talk about the chinese in Ghost Town.

banned said...

happy to be of service GOT