Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sharon Shoesmith - A Woman?

Sharon Shoesmith, the heartless Haringey Council headbitch ultimately responsible for allowing Tracey Connelly, Jason Barker and Stephen Barker to murder a poor defenseless baby, Peter Connelly, has finally decided to bestow her thoughts upon us.

Wow, that's fucking big of her!
Nearly 18 fucking months after the event.

An interview on Radio 4's Weekend Woman's Hour.
Fucking ironic, I thought, I didn't have her down as 'a woman'. A person of the normally gentler sex, caring, responsible, natural instinct for the welfare of a child etc., etc.

And unsurprisingly no, she hasn't had a change of heart either. Just the usual, predictable spouting of well established 'I'm not to blame' phrases that have become all too common from overpaid twats who fuck up whilst in positions of authority.

And that is my point.

If you took out the words baby, child, children, neglect etc from her pathetic justifications, what the buggery bollocks were we fucking listening to!

The way she was blathering on, the standard phrases she was regurgitating and the general well prepared, 'spin doctored' bollocks she was uttering could have led you to believe that she was defending any kind of establishment fuck up that you would care to think of.

We are talking about the 'murder' of an innocent young child here, you insensitive fucking bitch! Not some lost data stick,  British jobs for British workers or lack of fucking rock salt to put on the roads.

Has she not learnt her fucking lesson yet?
Sadly, very sadly, she blatantly has not.
Nor, according to the evidence so far, I doubt if she ever will.

All we can do now is keep our ear to the ground.
That fucking bitch is bound to incidiously work her way in to yet another overpaid establishment position in the not too distant future and this will, no doubt, be surreptitiously provided by our equally incompetent government.

We must not let this happen.
May Sharon Shoesmith never find peace, ever.

God bless Peter Connelly.


banned said...

I'm aware that the the Shoeshite person has granted the grauniad an interview in which she accuses her enemies of creating a "National Disaster " by sacking her but have yet to read it.
No ! Sharon, You are the National Disaster, get back in your fucking box and die, bitch.
An unlovely Miliband has defended his decision to sack you but that does not make you right.

Yes Sharon, one third of Haringeys Social Services posts are vacant; not because you got sacked but because who the fuck would want to work for an outfit that allowed the likes of you to get to the top, betraying your clients and staff with equal disdain ?

Go on, fuck off and die.

All Seeing Eye said...

Trouble is, 'banned' that GOT is spot on...that creature will reappear in another highly paid council job with an opportunity to ruin other lives with its incompetence.

Maybe something like is the way forward...and I'd want the first and only post to be that she was in nick for what she did.

RIP Peter Connelly

Rackdaw said...

For the time being we've run out of concentration camps in Europe, but she'll bide her time. Meanwhile, Grumpy Old Twat, reflect on the chance she ends up on the board of the care home you end up in. Tailor made for the job, you'll agree, I'd guess the head-hunters are out looking to sign her up already.

Anonymous said...

That thought had crossed my mind too Nereus but it could be so true it's almost too frightening to contemplate!

Grumpy young man said...

This piece of filth has spouted nothing by blame shirking garbage to excuse HER failings in the prevention of the torture and murder of a defenceless child.  That child couldnt defend itself, it was this womans responsibility to ensure that this sort of thing didnt happen on her watch and she failed. Now she has won her case in a travesty of 'justice' and taken a reported £1 million our taxpayers money, money which will come out of the already dangerously depleted local authority funds. Money which would otherwise have been used to prevent cases like baby P happening again, or maybe in education, the care of the elderly, the care of the disabled. By that wont worry Sharon Shoesmith, the woman hasnt got a decent bone in her body. GOT is probably spot on when he say's she will worm her way back into another highly paid job & bring her gross incompetence to another sector of the public sector. This woman is a truly disgusting human being & she, along with her legal team are nothing but heartless self serving scum.