Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This'll Wipe The Smile Off Her Face


All Seeing Eye said...

And TheEye can buy a boxful directly from the GOT? Eh...? Please say yes.

No shortage of takers on tap for this one. We'll make a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.
We'd surely 'clean up' with this one.

banned said...

Has The Eye overcome his DNA anxiety attack yet? This would surely be the ideal medium'

I must say G.O.T., you are becoming ever more adventurous with your use of Photoshop ( ? )

Catosays said...

Yuk....don't want her peering up my ricker!

Anonymous said...

Actually Cato I agree but one of my hidden thoughts behind this picture was that Jacqui seems to be so intent on 'watching' the majority of our day to day activities that she might as well spy on our sphincters as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks EBC but it just goes to show what one can achieve when they are so incandescent with rage.

All my pictures are born out of genuine, fucking anger.
It's a way of showing how I feel when I don't have the capacity to put it into words.

BTW, I was a huge admirer of Tractor Stats. I will never be as good as him/her and my slant is a little different but he/she will always remain as the original inspiration for doing what I do.