Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Waitrose Dot Con?

The very essence of middle England.

I was surprised to learn that Ocado, the delivery company used by Waitrose, have recently accepted a £10m investment from the Bank of London and the Middle East (BLME).

BLME advertises itself as being 'sharia'a compliant'.

It all seems a little strange doesn't it?
Does this mean that Waitrose, the bastion of fine wines and high quality meat for the higher middle classes, are going to have to put a halt to the delivery of 'pigs and booze' in order to receive the investment?

Apparently not, according to a spokesman from Ocado.

Ok then, so how can an Islamic bank justify such an investment arrangement? I would have thought that if BLME were truly Islamic then it should be avoiding anything which is deemed forbidden.

Pork and alcohol, for instance.

Why pretend to be different to any other bank otherwise?

Hypocritical twats!

Incidentally, the John Lewis Partnership pension fund owns 25% of Ocado.
New kitchen anyone?
Sorry, no wine racks.

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