Thursday, 5 February 2009

More Head Fucks for Golliwog Haters

A few more rediscovered gems in my kids' reading library. Apologies to Roger Hargreaves, of course, but none whatsoever to all those narrow minded Righteous bastards who are in dire need of a damn good rogering, to sort out their fucked up little brains.

Here, have one on me you wankers.
A head fuck that is!

I'd like to see Mr Licence Fee Waster at the British Broadcasting Cunteration give these an airing on Listen With Mother Fucking Mother!

Still plenty more where this came from, you golliwog hating bunch of over sensitive, Nanny state PC twats!

That is still NOT all!

Many thanks to Fido for mentioning this Ladybird book post of his, in the comments.  It's fucking hilarious and definitely Nanny haemorrage material!


Lorenzo said...

Hello again, I'm an adicted Golliwogger and I just love to type the word Golliwog. Thankyou that's better.

Anonymous said...

'Golliwog' away my friend.
You're in the right place.
Pigsy and I are confirmed Golliwoggers too!

Fidothedog said...

One I found on the police.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fido.
Fucking hilarious!

Link duly added to this post.

Linda said...

Wonder when black and white mints will be banned!

Screech said...

I agree, there should be more Golliwogs in existance... somebody should start up a Carol Thatcher fan club for all this

Anonymous said...

Golly Linda, I hope they don't ban black and white mints, I love them. Those Righteous twats can just suck the suck off!

Golly Screech, loving the new avatar. Most excellent. Perhaps we should all change to golliwogs. Wouldn't that be fun.

banned said...

That Ladybird Book On The Police is bloody marvelous, had me in stitches.

Any chance of the e-mail for the righteous bint who defended the BBC for ( not ) banning Carol Thatcher; she could do with a few of those in her in-tray.

Must dash now, got the second lot of snow to clear from my car, must be the Climate Change or maybe the Kredit Krunch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Do you have any idea what has happened to Tractor Stats?
We are all worried and hoping he is ok.