Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sky News Is Shit

So they say, and "Sack Kay Burley, watch the BBC", are the chants from protesters, during a live broadcast on Sky News this afternoon. Who are these protesters and why are they doing it? Have a look at the following clip and keep an eye open for the placards in the background. That'll give you a clue.

'Fair Votes Now'. Yes, that's right. The very same people who were involved with the protest outside the LibDem meeting in Smith Square today. The very same people that were part of the #takeitback demonstration, that confronted Nick Clegg, insisting that Proportional Representation is included with any Conservative Party negotiations. Now why would that be? And who is that woman interviewed during the demonstration, by the BBC?

Her name is Pam Giddy, she is a director of Power 2010. You remember them don't you? They're were the supposedly democratic reform group that contacted everyone in the right wing blogosphere, telling us to get involved. Pam Giddy's boss is Helena Kennedy, a good friend of Julia Middleton. Yes, she of Common Purpose infamy. Then there's the 'old friend' of the conservative and libertarian blogosphere, Neil Lees (aka UKFightback), a UAF and New Labour communist who is also heavily involved in Power 2010. Here's a screen grab of a comment that he left on this post today:

Two other names of note, that are associated with Power 2010, are Billy Bragg and BBC reporter fuckwit Robert Peston. 'Nuff said. Oh, and Billy Bragg was also clearly visible at the 'Fair Votes Now' demo, today. Since when has that lefty fucktard been a LibDem then? 

So where does that leave us?

In conclusion, I'm going to stick my neck out and say this......... it is a blatant and well co-ordinated attempt by the Labour Party, and their supporters, to deliberately disrupt the 'hung parliament' discussions between the LibDem's and Conservatives. They are hoping to force the issue on PR, hoping the talks will break down due to the fact that Gordon Brown has already offered it and David Cameron is very reluctant.

As for Sky, we all know that the the Labour left have a mutual hate for all things Rupert Murdoch and the BBC aren't going to complain either. After all, David Cameron wants to abolish the licence fee, doesn't he?

As for me, I would like to see true Democracy in this country and some sort of PR must surely be the way to go, but at the price of jumping into bed with lefty commo fuckwits? I don't fucking think so.

However, there are always two sides to an arguement and OH has a very different opinion on the matter.

What say you?



The Filthy Engineer said...

I would support your view about this group. I received numerous e mails from them calling me to action. However I slowly saw the left wing bias creeping through. They are now consigned to my spam filter.

Anonymous said...

thought I smelt a rat

Bring On The Revolution said...

What I say is... Exterminate anyone that votes Labour, problem solved!! Fucking BBC left-wing cunts! I saw that fucking Toynbee woman blabbing on as well on the t.v. Why can't they just get the message and just fuck off and die?
Yes and still that un-fucking-elected Brown cunt squatter is holed up in No10, Time to send in the heavies and the baliffs to have him removed and arrested and put on trial for treason. Guilty as charged, hang him high!!
Is it possible you'll be able to to make some kind of spoof video of the heavies being sent in to No10 and removing that Brown cunt by force G.O.T? That would be very funny to watch!!

Stop Common Purpose said...

GOT is correct.

This whole Power2010 effort smells.

It is seriously suspect.


Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I thought that there was a smell there too, but was too lazy to investigate.

However, I want the talks between Lib and Con to fail. I think that a Lib-Lab coalition would be the best thing for the country right now. The resulting economic mayhem that would result will be so harsh that it will teach the British electorate to never vote for either of those fuckwits ever again.

Not that the Conservatives are much better; I don’t fancy them in charge either.

The Boggart said...

I kept getting emails from these mongs also thought it was just me,
should have know common purpose was involved, as none of the emails made any sense.

Indyanhat said...

Thank you for pointing this one out there was a niggling thought at the back of my braincell but it had not coaleced as of yet, now that it has however the appropriate action shall be taken, junk mail/spam filter.
thanks again

Anonymous said...

Very good detective work GOTTY, so glad people like you are on the ball.

A fairer voting system perhaps, but the electorate fell short of jumping into bed with the LibDems - they did not make the breakthrough. (The vote yellow, get Brown problem would have hit their potential vote.)

I would be very weary of being bounced into anything. The Common Purpose angle is very worrying.

The biggest issue facing us is the economic catastrophe that heading our way - the plates are about to spin off their poles.

If the LibDems earn our trust, they will get more votes... Clegg should play a long game.

Anonymous said...

I think that We've all had these E-Mails from around the middle of last Year, and where-by originally we thought that it may well be a good idea in the making, "Power 2010" slowly revealed themselves to be anything but a democratic change vehicle.

Neo Communists, a cuckoo in the nest for freedom of speech, and a real problem to other organisations which genuinely do seek to change British Politics for the better.

fred said...

OH is well off track with this, I read his before yours, sorry. Kept shaking my head, couldn't believe he'd been taken in by this. A quick look at their web site to see who's supporting them shows a long list of socialists, beardies, veggies etc. In fact all the usual suspects, strong support in the left wing media tomorrow for this lot i think.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a "lefty commo fuckwit", if we're willing to compromise to get some actual fucking democracy around here for a change, why the hell arent you?

Indyanhat said...

Frankly 'anonymous ' lefty commo fuckwit, compromise is not a word you lot know the meaning of. your only history is one of subversion in the name of commo (as you phrase it) and rightly so for you are now linked to the insidious common purpose regime which should be eradicated from any 'free and democratic' system. Go and crawl back under your rock and quietly expire and take fuckwit Brown with you Electoral reform can then be addressed by those with more than one braincell in peace and dignity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymong: 21:26

We converse and compromise with you like you converse and compromise with the B.N.P....

Now do fuckoff.

Indyanhat said...

PS have unsubscibed from those sites linked to the Power2010 organisation including 38 degrees (though I had hoped they were a real peoples movement as opposed to a communist support service)

Anonymous said...

@ Indyanhat:

Didn't all of their histrionics, and rabid opposition to some pointless BBC radio programmes being axed, give you an insight into the real objectives of "38 degrees" and "Power 2010"?

However, they'll just ignore your protestations, now that you've "unsubscribed", and continue to send you their propaganda anyway. I can't get rid of the fuckers and I've told them in no uncertain terms, that I believe them to be wankers of the most despicable kind, alas, to no avail.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Power2010 was always known to be some leftie front organisation, so what? I just ignored them from the start.

The fair votes now thing today was organised (very quickly, it must be said) by 'grassroots' Lib Dems, so what? That is their perfect right to do so.

Did the organisers intend to disrupt the iDave-Nick negotiations and/or try to get Nick to make PR a deal breaker? Quite possibly, but it is their perfectly good right to campaign on this sort of thing, and as a Ukipper who quite likes PR, I went along, merrily carrying a mauve-purple umbrella to try and fit in.

Notwithstanding that Nick will forget all about this once he gets a sniff of a chauffeur driven limousine as Minister for Housing Benefit or something, if I did my bit to derail (albeit only for a few minutes or seconds) a meaningless alliance between two out of three parties with more or less identical (and equally shit) manifestos, then that is my good right as well.

So there.

Barking Spider said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barking Spider said...

I'll get the link right this time...

I started getting an uneasy feeling about them, Gotty, and as soon as the stupid bastards sent me an Email from none other than Billy Bragg, (in their impatience to get stuck into their real agenda), my suspicions were confirmed.

BTW, mate, HERE is a photo of that little cunt, Lees, if you want to use it.

Anonymous said...


Watched that marxist bastard billy bragg on the BBC with his sign and purple shirt.

Indyanhat said...

@Dazed and Confused
I must have missed the histrionics bit , if it was from poer2010 then they possibly weren't emailing me then I have only had about 3 from them since just before the election. So no I hadn't twigged, until I started blogging about 3 weeks ago now I was up to my neck studying (which is where I should be now) and wasn't paying a lot of attention to such stuff. If 38 degrees sent the email I sort of remember something about protect the beeb I just ignored that one as I have come through the Freeman school of they're all a bunch of teasonous retards stealing from the gullible,us!!
As to them keeping on sending shit to me I'll list it as junk and maybe complain to someone or other about unsolicited mail from spammers or something. we will see!!
after my comments above though I wonder how long it is before a small army of trolls are camping out on my blog, could do with a few more viewers anyway I suppose , they may even learn something while theyre there!!!

Houdini said...

PR is a disaster nearly everywhere it is implemented, so I say keep the system we have, though I think we can have a few really good tweaks, like fixed terms, that would make the whole system less open to abuse.

I don't see Cleeg and Cameron doing a deal like you do, and I think Cameron would be a fucking moron to take the job now, and here's why, taken from a post I made on BOM.

I think you're wrong Wat and it is Cameron that is calling the tune deliberately to force BRown and Clegg together.

The present economy is a poisoned chalice andf Cameron would be daft to take it head on without a clear majority, so that leaves Brown in Number 10 promising Clegg the earth that he can't deliver. The shit storm is about to hit our economy and Brown and Clegg are first in would be a no lose situation for Cameron and he can force a new election at a time and date to suit.

The LibDums, for all the guff and hot air, are more of an irrelevance than before and the real battleground is between Labour and Tory still, and Cameron, if he isn't as dumb as I think he might be, can choose the ground. He can bring down both Labour and Liberal. Labour are already dead but don't know it, but Clegg is between a rock and hard place.

Cameron just needs to keep Cleggs acolytes demanding he does not give in to the Tories and Clegg will, inevitably if he is to avoid being seen as a partisan arsehole, do the deal with Labour.

Cameron just needs to keep his nerve and keep hs head down. The others too cannot afford another election, Labour is bankrupt and Libs not far behind, and who is going to pour money into them in another election they know the Tories will win easily? Even UKIP will be nullified as they don't have the infrastructure to run the election again.

Will Cameron hold his nerve or is he too stupid to see his hand is a peach and go for the Premiership?

And I believe that is the best way forward for the long term future. Cameron comes in now and makes the cuts he gives Labour ammo for the next election or next after. Let the one eyed cunt take the flak and then be forced into a no confidence vote late this or early next year, and Clegg can do down with the cunt too.

Indyanhat said...

@ Houdini
just about what I said on one of my posts Brown should recieve the shit that hits the fan, it is his shit after all!!!
Hoping Cameron canunderstand where he actually is, and yes he has the best hand. Refusing to play is going to hurt us all in the short term but will make it more feasible for him to come in later and make the cuts needed to sort us out!

The Boggart said...

G.O.T We may have a Plan B Move No10 check it out may be hope yet :-)

Indyanhat said...

Hey GOT have you seen this (you probably made it knowing you)

Bring On The Revolution said...

Excellent analysis Houdini! Some very very good points there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on Power2010
This should get wide publicity.

Central User said...

Sky News may indeed be what you say, but having Helena Kennedy on the BBC's Red Andy Show this morning would have had many reaching for their sick bucket.

To use Paddy Ashdown's word, she appears to be about as collegiate in her views and approach as that nice Mr Brown.

Old Holborn said...

So let me get this right.

You think this is a plot by communists and common purpose droids to stop an undemocratically elected minority government of conservatives taking power over the 64% of us who didn't vote tory.

I don't care if it is if we get proportional representation out of it.

Think long term, not just tomorrow. PR means New Labour (or the Tories) could never rule with a rod of iron again whilst the majority of us didn't vote for it.

That is a GOOD THING. the last 13 years of Labour could never happened under PR

SadButMadLad said...

Some other info about the "Sack Kay Burley" chants on the Daily Fail.

Anonymous said...

And what about the 75% us who didn't vote Lib Dem but are now being forced to live with LD ideology via either CMD or Brown?
Do you really think that Communists, socialists & Common Purpose droids are about to do anything that will encourage REAL democracy?

Anonymous said...

OH has shit the bed

Anonymous said...

@ Holborn:

I doubt that many would disagree with your calls for a total shake up in electoral reform, it's simply the left have hijacked this "Purple" cause completely for their own vile ends. Who was leading the protagonists on "Power 2010s" behalf yesterday, other than Billy Bragg and Polly Toynbee? Jack Straws son for fucks sake for no other reason that he wanted Clegg to kiss and make up with Gordon, so his daddy could wield power over us all, for yet another five fucking Years.

It's not what you promote personally that is disagreed upon, it's just the fact that many of us can't openly support these creatures personally...

That's it, no more.

Houdini said...

Think long term, not just tomorrow. PR means New Labour (or the Tories) could never rule with a rod of iron again whilst the majority of us didn't vote for it.

That is a GOOD THING. the last 13 years of Labour could never happened under PR

Sometimes you don't half talk some fucking shite.

We would still be back in the mid to late fucking seventies if we had your panacea of PR and Thacher would never have saved the country from staying a basket case and getting fucking worse.

Is that what you want?

PR stops progress and means dodgy deals and weak, watered down and stupid legislation gets enacted, if at all.

Barking Spider said...

Sorry, OH, Brickbat is absolutely right on this one, you have shit the bed on PR, an utterly discredited system that produces a permanently hung parliament scenario, complete with the horse trading shambles we have at the moment.... every time we vote!

Nothing constructive ever happens with coalition governments.... or Left-wing governments, for that matter.

fred said...

OH come on, you know this isn't democracy. Both the main parties writing their manifestos with an eye on having to do a deal with the Lib Dems after the election. Clegg, or his heirs, going through them with a red pen crossing out what they don't like and inserting what will pass into law as a condition of forming a government. All this with a mandate from a fifth of the electorate. How's that democratic? FPTP may not be perfect but when more people vote for one party than any other, they would have a mandate. Unlike this time, any deal is a sell out to those who voted for either party.

banned said...

Thanks for the link, I missed this first time round, pissed probably.

Sgt Pepperspray said...

I was angered to say the least when I first watched this video on Sky news. I could hear the protesters and see the placards moving but no one holding them. The cheeky little buggers I thought, I know that we are supposed to be nice to minorities but it akes the fucking biscuit when dwarfs are demanding that a reporter should be sacked and ordering someone of my size to watch the BBC. I will watch what I fuckin choose. However I do agree with other comments, I hate Billy Ballbragg and his commie pals. And Will (wanna buy some ganga)Straw can fuck off too. I would twat is dad anyday in a fight but his armed security guards wont let me offer him out.