Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday Election Fever Part 1

image via Microdave

Poor Gordon.
Perhaps I've misjudged him.
In fact, strictly speaking, I am still a floating voter so if he actually carries out this list of pre-election requests, I promise to vote for him.

Can't say fairer than that, eh.



Anonymous said...

I am aware that there is such a thing as a floating voter
Pity though that currently we don't have a floating candidate

Remember GB does not stand for Great Britain


Anonymous said...

I believe that the voters will never accept an unelected one eyed twat, and other than BBC luvvies, hate the fucker nearly as much as I do

Captain Haddock said...

Yes .. I too would like to see the lying one-eyed bastard floating face-down .. along with all the other detritus in the Thames ..

Ampers said...

I think it will depend on the immigrant vote, the asylum seekers vote, the unemployed vote, the sickness benefits vote, and the thick and stupid vote.

If this happens, he'll get in with a 100 seat majority :-(