Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday Election Fever Part 2

from the Metro via Ampers

With the election on May 6th, already looming large, we could all do with some sort of form guide so that we know which fuckwit lame donkey to put our cash on. As luck would have it, I have discovered an excellent guide to the runners and riders in the 2010 General Election Stakes.

Via Dioclese:

Tory Tiger ridden by Dave Cameron sired by "Soapbox" out of "Maggie May" :
From a long line of thoroughbreds and owned by the Eton stables. Came second in it's last three outings but with a new jockey aboard, it's well fancied this time around. Could be a close run thing - watch for a strong finish

Oh My Gawd ridden by Gordon Brown sired by "Tony the Tory" out of "Boom or Bust" :
A well known horse but an untested rider. Owned by a consortium of Trades Unions. Gordon Brown has been around a while. He was a stable lad for "Tony the Tory" but is now getting a ride in his own right for the first time. Was well fancied but recent form has lengthened the odds considerably. Could be tight thing between him and Dave Cameron, although Dave is carrying a lot less weight

Yellow Bird ridden by Nick Clegg sired by "Diddy David" out of "SDP" :
Bit of an outsider this one but could be good for an each way bet. Should finish in the top three. This horse has has lots of different jockies in it's recent outings, but now has a regular rider in Nick Clegg. Form at this outing could decide whether he gets a ride next time.

Read the rest of his comprehensive form guide here

I'm off to the bookies to put my wad onto One Trick Pony ;-)



Anonymous said...

Don't know about anyone else but I'm already bored fucking senseless with the Election. Whichever of these three cunts gets in, they're going to rob us blind. The thieving cunts from last time around are going to be thieving again from either the govt or the opposition benches & they're all going to to sell us down the river to those cunts in Brussels. My only optimistic hope is that lots & lots of the Labour MPs lose their seats & that McSnot is going to be publically humiliated lots of times between now & then. I don't think he enjoyed being heckled this morning about schools by that guy - may there be many, many more similar occasions.

I'd be so much more enthused if we got to hang, draw & quarter the losers.

Cate Munro said...

You're a fucking genius x