Monday, 19 April 2010

Who Are You Voting For?

If you haven't already done so, tomorrow (Tuesday 20th April) is the last day that you can register to vote in the forthcoming General Election. This includes postal votes.

Incidentally, I see that 'vote rigger' Jamshed Khan has been out on the campaign trail, in a key marginal, with Eric Pickles and a couple of shadow cabinet ministers you may have heard of.



Jayce Kay said...

Heh, great picture.

In answer to your question here's a tl;dr style reply.

Labour - No chance whatsoever.
Lib Dems - No.
Conservative - Not a hope.
Greens - Definitely a no!
British National Party - Just, no, really come on, no way.
UKIP - Outside chance.

Dioclese said...

Buggered if I know what to do. Please leave some comments on my blog because I genuinely don't know how to vote this time!


Anonymous said...

I've been a bit like Dioclese, a bemused & undecided voter.
In the constituency where I live the sitting MP is resigning so it's all PPCs. I hate to say it but the Labour PPC seems to be the one already most involved in the community & comes across with great sincerity - however...... The Lib Dem also comes across well & he & the Labour PPC both responded very quickly to an email query sent to all the PPCs on my behalf by - is it 38Degrees? However, vote Cleggy, get Gordon seems to be on the cards - and that's ignoring Clegg's promise to support a vote on the Lisbon Treaty which he reneged on. Neither the Tory PPC nor the UKIP PPC bothered to respond at all - presumably doing far too important things to respond to a voter. End of candidates as far as I knew, so I thought I might either stay home or go & spoil my paper on the Great Day. Today I read the local paper & discovered that there's now also an Independent, endorsed by Martin Bell so he may well get my X.

Anonymous said...

As "long" as we get a "truly hung" Parliament is fine with me. It will be exciting seeing them parading about all "big and hung". No photoshopped images yet on what a "truly hung" Parliament is going to look like I notice? Manhandleofbum will be so pleased with a "hung" Parliament I presume.

Sue said...

I thought they wanted to clean up politics?

Just shows, when they're desperate, they'll do anything.

The Conservatives are dead. Long live UKIP and the Independents.