Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Air Traffic Over Britain

Can't seem to make it's fucking mind up!

This BA flight from Calgary to Heathrow seems to be in a right two-and-eight. Watch this and all the BA flights trying to get into Heathrow, live at flightradar24.com. Oh and I thought I spotted an EasyJet flight doing the hokey cokey over the North Sea earlier, too.

Old Holborn says "I smell a flying rat".
He's got a point.

What the fucketty fuck is going on?



microdave said...

Most of the BA flights appear to have landed at Shannon in Eire. Another was heading for Paris. The Beeb claimed that one made it into Newcastle, but I never saw any of them heading over that way.

The Squeezy Jet looked like a "test" flight and went from Luton up to Liverpool and back.

The CAA have now announced that all UK airspace will re-open from 10PM.

Anonymous said...

I think the volcano was agitated
by a device planted by British
Customs and Excise Agents.
They'lle stoop to anything to stop
me and my mates going to Malaga
to stock up on Golden Virginia.
I have my doubts about Mandy too,
is he he stll Branch Secretary of
Hampstead Illuminati Lodge.

Cosmic Passer By

banned said...

How come there were vapour trails over the southwest early on Tuesday morning? Please tell me before "they" kill me.