Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cabinet Reshuffle

Lock and load!

Due to the fact that you've already taken out Nick 'Toenails' Robinson because he's given you a complete head fuck, after only half a day of his Labour luvvy election hustings anal antics . . . you only have five left up the pipe.

So who's it going to be and in what order?

The Grumpy Old Twat choice for the virtual Cabinet Reshuffle would be:

  1. Gordon 'Bully Boy' Brown.
  2. Peter 'Fondleboys' Mandelson
  3. Harriet 'Duo Balls' Harman
  4. Ed 'Bollock Brain' Balls
  5. Jack 'The Ripper' Straw.
What would yours be?

Go on. You know you want to ;-)



Anonymous said...

Mine would be;
LadyBoy Cooper NoBalls and I couldn't be arsed to waste one on Toenails so my final one would be that unelected creep Fondlebum

Lawson said...

Arsehole Ainsworth
Hateful Hattie
Bouncing Balls
Mincing Mandy
Buggerit Brown (last so that I can watch him crying and pissing himself for longer)

Hughes. said...

Much as I'd love to let loose, I'd have to empty the entire clip into Mandelson, just to be sure he actually stayed down for good this time.

Anonymous said...

Hughes: You need a stake through the heart for him. Bullets are no good.... not even silver ones. Now Gold....?

1. Areshole Ain't Worth
2. Harridan Hardperson
3. Bollocks Feel-My-Balls
4. Mrs Bollocks Feel-My-Balls
5. Phil Woollen Arsehole

Then I'd make sure by dropping a bomb on them and wiping the whole of Downing Street and Whitehall and Westminster out...

Oh... Is that too extreme? sorry!.... only one bomb?

Catosays said...

Five into Snotty, then nip down to the police post, borrow a Glock with a couple of magazines and finish the job...there'd be no protest from the plod, I'm sure.

killemallletgodsortemout said...


Nick "Foot & Mouth" Brown


Mad Hattie


I left the Snot Gobbler out. Suicide for him, I reckon, or jail, or both.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the same as your GOT. But really I would prefer a 0.5 Cal machine gun and a 5000 round belt of ammo. Just to make sure.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

When I saw them lined up all I could think of was "Uzi 9mm".


Captain Haddock said...

Nah ..

Just give me back my trusty old GPMG & a belt of 200 x 7.62mm "Tracer" ...

Short bursts of 3 rounds at a time .. No wuckin' furries ..

Watch the bastards dance the "Crossmaglen Jig" ...

Fidothedog said...

McCyclops with an eye shot.
Peter the pederast.
Blinkey Balls
& Peter "Armed Robber" Hain.

CrazyDaisy said...

GOT got to agree with your delicious choice....it will follow them in their retirement, mark my words!


Houdini said...

Pick five of the cunts at random and that would do me.

Anonymous said...

1 The Slippery Weasel
2 Alan The Postman
3+4 The Brothers Grim
5 No1 again just in case.

Bring On THe Revolution said...

Yes I think your order of execution great G.O.T I'd just love to be able to supply you enough ammunition to finish the fucking lot of them off, yes bump the fucking lot of the good for nothing pieces of shit off and good fucking riddance!! Fucking Labour socialist muzzie-loving commie cunts!!

Oldrightie said...

The largest suicide vest ever, strapped to Mandleson or Snotty.

Spartan said...

Had a lovely AK-47 whilst in Cambodia with abundance of ammo. Wish l could've got it back to UK.

Seeing l'm not a good shot (my excuse and l'm sticking to it) a list of 5 would be meaningless as l'd no doubt get the lot :)

Bertie Dugger said...

I agree with the start of your list GOT:

1. Cyclops
2. Mandelscum
3. Hatey Harperson
4. 'Bollocks for brains' Balls

(and this is where I differ)

5. stand the Millipedes with their heads together and take out both brains with one shot through the ears.

Mind you, if everyone had five bullets to use we could take out the whole fucking lot of the fuckers and a few more of the other cheating, thieving, lying cunts besides!

Houdini said...

What fucking brains?

Bertie Dugger said...

I never said they were big or well-developed brains ...

(Their utterances and actions over the last few years are testament to that!)

Bring On The Revolution said...

Anyone that takes a pop at Brown and tries shoot him when he's out on the campaign trail should get a medal!!!

Barking Spider said...

I was getting all excited just finally seeing the cunts all up against a wall... machine gun for me.... random..... having taken Snotty, Manglebum, Blinky, Strawman and the Cuprinol kid out of the line-up..... I'd fucking hang those cunts and then shoot them with a machine gun!

Uncle Marvo said...

You've got 1 and 2 the wrong way round.

And you've entirely missed out the Belgian Brothers, Ed and David.

Apart from that, not too bad. Can you include their wives as well? And, of course, husbands in the case of Mandy and the Laydeez.

Don't suppose you can make this into an interactive video game while you're at it?

Lauren Simcock said...

Class Gotty.I'm nicking that.:-)