Friday, 16 April 2010

Leaders Debate

..... to give give my opinion on the 
" I love Nick, we're all over-rehearsed bollocksathon".

Although I did manage to stay awake. Just.




Ampers said...

Yeah! I had a bottle of Zubrowka (Polish Vodka) and a whole carton of Apple Juice. I meant just to have a couple of drinks but I was so disgusted I found I drank half a bleddy bottle! :-(

Still, there's one compensation. I read that "experts" in the NHS service are going to feed people with liver damage a course of dark chocolate! (I kid you not).


Captain Haddock said...

I simply couldn't be arsed to watch .. I de-fluffed my navel instead .. cleanest its ever been :)

Re NHS plans ..

All well & good, provided that the person receiving this "miracle" cure isn't Diabetic !! ..

You couldn't make it up ..

richard said...

The audience were forbidden to utter a sound, even as G.B announced with pride that he'd had 20,000 more people thrown in jail than the Tories. Says it all - I switched on the radio in time to hear that little gem, then lapsed into despair.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I didn't watch it either. Felt sure my neighbours wouldn't appreciate yet more swearing and shouting at the telly, so decided to give it a break.

I drank a rather nice bottle of chards and surfed the interwotsit looking for a sofa.

I've never had vodka and apple juice. Will have to try it. Prefer the sound of vodka and cranberry.

wv: conweely (we are being conned, really really...)

Barking Spider said...

I struggled to stay awake during that bag o' shite - bloody sure I won't be watching Boulton doing his Lefty luvvie shit and absolutely positive I won't be watching Dumblebore's commie crapfest!

V4V said...

I wish I had not bothered and when Broon started praising the armed forces my TV nearly got a wellie boot thrown at it.

Try gin with your apple juice over ice and a sprig of mint. the sun is over the yard arm, so it's time for an Abbot Ale.


Houdini said...

Now you see why I thought it worth making a LibDum poster for all of us to take the piss out of them with.

That being said I agree with the pundits today that it could be a double edged sword as it will make people look closer at LibDum policy, and the fuckers won't like any real scrutiny will they?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
we´re so glad you could attend,move along move along?

Anonymous said...

The audience was supplied by Benny's Inflatable Doll Co,Hendon
well known for its life like crowds at Arsenal's home games.

Valkyre Productions.
Rainbow Bridge

Anonymous said...

It is all box marketing.

Inside each and every one of the "boxes" there is just plain low quality soap powder.