Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cause Of Tragic Polish Air Crash

The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
and Polish President Lech Kaczynski,
during their meeting in Warsaw on April 28, 2009.

My sincere condolences to everyone that has been affected as a direct consequence of another Jonah Brown moment.



Anonymous said...


To the fact that the other twat in the picture, other than Lech Kaczynskiis still with us now.

microdave said...

Why can't his curse affect HIM for a change??? - And for good measure, the rest of the Cabinet...

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous post. People lost their lives and you use it to make a cheap and asinine comment like this. Is it any wonder the blogs aren't taken seriously, but treated as the juvenile schoolboys they are.

Anonymous said...

Oooo look, another scary (but spineless) Anonymong. I'm gonna tell my mummy on you.

Na na na na na!

Anonymous said...

No not spineless. I just don'thave one of the listed accounts, do you have a contact e-mail address? I am more than happy to repeat my comment to you personaly

Bring On The Revolution said...

What a shame it wasn't that Brown cunt!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the email Kevin ;-)

Repeat it as many times as you like but you'll still be in the wrong playground for a serious blog.

Incidentally, I also have Polish friends and I lost my beloved father in an air crash.

So what.
My blog, my rules.

Incidentally, why the fuck would you think I'd want to check your ID with Anna Raccoon. This is a blog not Immigration Control.

More's the pity ;-)

Anonymous said...


It takes no more than a minute to create a blog and accompanying aviator, of which you can then post "Live" so to speak.

It would have been far easier to do that, than go E-Mailing Gotty, with I.D. checks via Anna Raccoon.

Biffo said...

Very sad for all the families here & condolences to all involved. I'm sure I read on another blog that McSnot claimed he had been talking to Polish President Lech Kaczynski via telephone recently.......

Incidentally, you can put a name in Name/url without signing up to anything - like this..

Captain Haddock said...

This cunt (McSnot) ought to carry a World Health Organisation "Hazard" warning ..

"Death, Destruction or Defeat to all who come into close contact"

Why hasn't someone introduced him to the leaders of the Talitubbies and/or radical Muzzies here .. with his track record, the lads & lasses could all be home by Christmas ..

Amusing Bunni said...

I agree with Microdave, Gotty.
I'm praying for the people of Poland and my polish friends. Sorry to read about your father passing away in the same way. Very tragic.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bunny.

I know exactly how they are feeling

Time is a fairly good healer, as is suitably aimed anger and consuming industrial quantities of vin rouge ;-)