Thursday, 29 April 2010

Postal Vote Results For Bristol East. What? Already? Surely Not! +++Updated+++

Looks like Kerry McCarthy the twitter twat tsar has already, and apparently illegally, published some postal vote results online via her twatter account.

Kerry's tweet has now disappeared. No change there then.

However, the results were also tweeted on the official Labour Party twitter feed too and when I last checked, at 17:09, it was still there.

Here's a screen grab of it just in case it disappears:

Guido is reporting that Bristol Electoral Services are looking into it as a matter of urgency and the Bristol Police have now received a complaint regarding breaches of Electoral Law.

The week just gets better and better.

A resignation in the offing perhaps?

Or maybe something even better........

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Anonymous said...

I'm just glad not to be in the Bristol consituency of McCarthy? Imagine the embarrasment of having some exhibitionistic air head as your MP.

RantinRab said...

What a fucking chump she is!

Rog said...

I am in her constituency, and can't bloody stand her.

Let's hope she gets disqualified - would make my year.

Anonymous said...

Thats appalling, who the hell does she think she is! Lets hope the election means, at least that we get rid of this awful woman.

seebag said...

Took a while, but at last my curse on this appalling woman seems to be working.