Saturday, 10 April 2010

McKinnon Mother To Stand Against Jack Straw

Janis Sharp, the mother of computer hacker Gary McKinnon, intends to stand as an independent candidate in Jack Straw's Blackburn constituency.

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Biffo said...

Good for her. I hope she gets a reasonable amount of votes as she is standing up for a very important issue.

Houdini said...

Interesting conversation today with a libdum in my workshop, a customer no less who in the end had to concede defeat.

He said that labour and the Tories were sleazy and in hock to either big business and the unions so people should vote libdum for principled policys. I laughed and asked him about the £2.4million in stolen money they accepted and refused to return. He started saying the judge decided it was accepted in good faith...but I interrupted him a couple of times by asking, simply and firmly, "Was it stolen money?" Eventually he had to concede it was. I then pointed out that someone who knowingly uses and refuses to give back stolen money can hardly take the moral high ground and he said he had never looked at it like that.

He went a bit down in the mouth but fuck him.

I'm going to make a blank Libdum poster if you like for people to add to?

Captain Haddock said...

I also hope Janis Sharp does well .. as said, she's standing for an important point of principle ..


I like the idea of your poster .. but there are only so many permutations of "Brain-dead, Self-deluding, Quasi-Socialist Fuck-wit" before it becomes repetitive ..

subrosa said...

Well done Mrs Sharp. Of course every dirty trick in the book will be used against her but she'll cope.

Anonymous said...


I try and steer clear of politics, where my customers are concerned, but one day the subject came up when one of them announced how much she admired Gordon Brown.

So I calmly pointed out the gold, boom and bust, the war, the expenses, the lies etc.

She said, yes but he's such a caring and sensitive man.

I nearly choked on my cuppa I can tell you.

It transpired that she gained that opinion following the Piers Morgan Gordon Brown Dead Baby Blubbathon Show.

Give me strength.

I no longer accept work from her. Fuck the money, I can't work for gullible twats like that.

Crack on with the poster, I'm about to post a new series of Labour ones, with a slightly different approach to the norm, so maybe I could tie it in with yours.

Captain H
Perfect copy for a poster there ;-)
Another few won't hurt, we need to beat it into the skulls of the Xfactor/Come Dancing brigade.

He'll be dirty alright but hopefully Slippery Jack will slip up once too often this time ;-)

All Seeing Eye said...

Dunno, GOT, I'd keep a customer like that.

Yes, Madam, okay it might be the biggest invoice you've ever seen, and yes it might well be sending your company down the crapper, wrecking your kids inheritance and throwing lots of people out of their jobs. And you really do need all these pointless extras. And hey, you voted for me so quit griping. Keep paying my bills or the schools'n'ospitals get it, capisci?

Barking Spider said...

I'd love to see her take the creepy cunt's seat and then we would also be rid of him for good, mate.

Anonymous said...

The Eye can always be relied upon to provide a most excellent riposte.

Rest assured I will be making full use of that one if any other customer should stray down the same path.

However, The Eye will also be happy to note that the 'Gordon Adorer's' closing invoice may well have included a suitable amount of untraceable 'twat tax' ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that Bollock Brain Balls is heading for a Portillo moment. It would be most excellent if Slippery Jack were to have one too.

Perhaps we should all try and help Janis with some kind of support?

Houdini said...

Libdum posters up on my site for grabbing and playing with, if you think they are good enough.

Anonymous said...

Now this one is subtle and should go next to the traitor straw (put the google retranslation under it )

إعادة انتخاب لي ستدعم القسري تحويل
اللغة الإنجليزية

Anonymous said...

That will just split the anti labour vote unfortunately.