Saturday, 17 April 2010

I Agree With Nick

Following Nick Clegg's new found public popularity, after the first tv leaders' debate, I decided to do a quick google search on the highly probable outcome if it were to continue.

Oh deary fucking me ......

Which just goes to prove, yet again,  that Lord Mangleboys is a damn sight fucking cleverer than Bully Boy Brown will ever be. And he really does know how to get in Gordon, via the back door.

I fear that it may soon be time to reach for the KY.
We are all about to be fucked ...... again.

.WE are all going


Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

No need to panic. The MSM totally screwed the EU predictions and will this one.

Houdini said...

Nahhh, Mandelsons problem is that he ISN'T as clever as he thinks, or most people, but the longer he does the better as he is a regular fucker upper.

As to Clegg...that seems to be ultra good news for Cameron as he is, after being ultra close to Labour, taking their core vote from them.

The more the merrier I think, and hope that the LibDums get to be the second party in Parliament...I'd love to see Brown, Blair and Mandelsons face then.

Anonymous said...

Fair comment 'H' but I still think that the Dums will take seats from the Cons and not from Liebour.

This will leave Liebour with more seats than the Cons despite being third in the polls.

Hence my worry that there will be a Dum/Lie coalition which will leave Gordon as PM for another five fucking years.

Any attacks by Liebour on the Dums at this stage should be taken with a pinch of salt. Secretly this situation is ideal for Liebour if they can't win the election outright.

I hope to god I'm wrong or Call Me Dave gets his fucking act together. (wtf is he playing at?)

Anonymous said...

where there libdems are in strong second place to labour, vote for them? Anything is better than Gordon-I agree with Nick-Brown's gurning victory grin on 7th may.

Houdini said...

Is a hung parliament, with Labour and the LibDums being in charge when the interest rate shit hits the fan in a a few months? When the cuts have to be made? When the inevitable strikes and fuck ups start to be ramped up? When fuck all of any worth happens?

This could be the perfect scenario for the Conservatives to be swept into power at the next election and keep the other two fuckers out for a generation.

It is a poisoned chalice for the winner, so what better than Lib/Lab to take it?

Other than that I think most people have decided who to vote for and floating Tories won't vote LibDum, but Labour floaters will.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Lib Dumbs: the same left-wing muzzie-loving socialist commie cunts as what Lieboure are! I just hope that people are not brain dead enough to vote for Clegg and his yellow socialist fuckwits!

Barking Spider said...

Fucking nightmare scenario, Gotty, I hope Cameron finally realises he has got to up his game and can no longer just rely on LieBore losing.

The Boggart said...

I agree with G.O.T as I said on my blog after watching that shower of shit , it was obvious a stitch up is in the making here and it called a hung parliament.
People in this country are feckin clueless.
Mangleboys may not be a genius no but this twat has been steeped in machiavellian political shit since he was a nipper I wouldnt put anything past him.