Friday, 23 April 2010

Rub A Dub Dub

Happy St George's Day!

While we still can, eh.

Rowing, rowing,
Going nowhere
What do we care
If we get there?
Rowing, glowing,
Showing such flair
We're three men in a boat.

nicked from here


Ampers said...

It takes an American and a Russian (two bosses of Google) to honour the English Patron Saint!


Anonymous said...

Now where's that North Korean suicide sub then ?
Never one when you need one is there ?

Dioclese said...

You are more than welcome to link to my stuff - thanks for the credit. I thought it was rather apt especially as the boat only seems to be sinking from one end.

At least it proves I've got one reader!...

Anonymous said...

We still have the bare faced audacity to celebrate St George and not Mohammad, in New Labours Socialist utopia thirteen Years in?

Five more Years!!! That's all they'll need, to demonise St George forever.