Thursday, 10 December 2009

MP Expenses : Gordon Brown ++Updated++

It's 'snouts in the trough time' again this morning, as the latest list of MP perks expenses has now been published online. The alphabetical list, of each MPs handouts allowances can be viewed here.

One thing I did notice was that Gordon Brown seems very keen to let the tax payer regularly cough up for his dry cleaning and grass cutting bills, along with a little pruning, edging and weeding of course. Not to mention his regular Domestic Services visits every Monday. I'm surprised he hasn't claimed for a new Hoover. The fucking thing must be jammed with bits of ink jet printer and Nokia parts by now.

Oh, fuck it! Might as well get the piss stains out of the carpets as well, eh. That's only another 168 notes from the tax payers pocket. Oh, and I say! The summerhouse could do with a lick of paint. The fucking plebs can pay for that too, it's a bargain, only 500 quid.

Incidentally, what's with all those phone calls to the USA in the space of a few minutes? Perhaps Obummer just kept putting the phone down on him ;-)

One final thought.
You might also like to know that we paid for a Sky TV feed to be installed into his bedroom. Ahem, I know what you dirty fuckers are thinking but I couldn't possibly comment.

 ++++ Update ++++
If you can stomach it, Fido has further examples of the latest batch of troughing bastards, including a re-appearance by our old friend, Jacqui Smith, who seems determined to fleece the fuck out of us right up until the day she gets voted out of office. As for the expense claims of Quentin 'fat fuck' Davis, it's the Old Holborn favourite so far!


Jesmond said...

Page 55 of old Bob's expenses, fucking tea bags!

Tight fucker!

Oldrightie said...

Jesmond, that should be plural.

Fidothedog said...

Image stolen! ;-)