Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Socialist Double Speak

courtesy of Dazed @ We4 Productions

click image to read the small print


banned said...

Fucking liar lesbo cunt. See Common Purpose fuck themselves with their own cunt words on my sidebar ( top right ) which incidentally is why THAT particular vid amongst their ouvre of CP bollox has achieved moderate viewing success while the others have viewing levels of fuck all.

Joe Public said...

Wrong on a number of levels.

It is Labour which has the Freedom to do as it chooses.

It is the lack of Freedom which Labour "gives" us.

"Give" is their misnomer for the additional & increased Taxes it imposes upon citizens.

Amusing Bunni said...

I've been reading and seeing things about common purpose too! That broad should have jumped out of a boat. Also, they sent some of their jerks to US to meet w/obama a while back. No wonder things have been getting shittier out here too.
Great Ad, GOT, we always get screwed with the fine print!