Friday, 11 December 2009

Act On Co2 : The Video +++Update+++

Act On Co2 : It's all just an act

Many thanks to everyone who is helping to support this campaign
and you'll be pleased to know that we are now starting to
climb up the google pages.

First page when searching Act On Co2
which has 10.8m returns :

Top 3 when searching Act On Co2 Advert
which has 78,900 returns:

Let's keep spreading the word
and see if we can get the video up there too ;-)


Amusing Bunni said...

Super Video, GOT, I put it front/center on My YouTube Channel. I'm going to nick one of your photos, put on my post today. I got the video of ABC news talking about this. And showing a clip from "We are Change Chicago" that you linked last week!
"Al Gore was a soft target"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bunnikins and for all your support 'across the pond' with the alternative Act On Co2 campaign. Keep up the good work ;-)

Amusing Bunni said...

My Pleasure, Gotty. I put your video on the My latest Blog post too. Now I must see what you wrote about obummer, I was nauseated waking up to him on TV this morning.

Old Holborn said...

Spreading the word...

Excellent. As ever

Anonymous said...

Cheers OH and thanks for all your help with publicising the campaign ;-)

banned said...

Congrats again G.O.T., duly nicked.
Excellent stuff over at SRs place.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Banned and thanks again for all your help!

Anonymous said...

Telling every bugger I can about this - keep it up G.O.T. - cracks are appearing in the walls of Jericho thanks to people like you.

Anonymous said...

Cheers HoP!
Many voices make a loud noise, thanks for the support ;-)

Anonymous said...

Globaloney Warming:

"Al Gore Lied

... Democracy Died."