Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Troughligate 2

I see that Troughligate 2 looks likely to kick off on Thursday morning. Yet more cash trousering, snouts in the trough, 'it was all within the rules', thieving bastards (sorry, I mean MP's) are set to release the details of their day-to-day ill gotten gains, for the past year

Apparently they will all be redacted, no fucking surprise there then, so the race will be on to find out what's behind all those big black, hide the fucking truth, lines.

And another thing.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the sneaky bastards Government used Thursday to hide some bad news or slide some controversial legislation under the radar, whilst our attention is focussed on the champagne swilling shite wipes at the Whore Houses of Parliament.

Just saying ;-)


Fidothedog said...

Good shall be giving both my do fucking nothing MP's a good looking at. (Their expenses that is, as Flynn is aged and Jessica is a fucking hound)

Flynn still claims he is an expenses angel, a myth I have given a firm kick in the bollocks.

Roll on the expenses, mockery shall be had...

Oldrightie said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the sneaky bastards Government used Thursday to hide some bad news.

Darling admitting we're fucked big time, tomorrow?

Lauren Simcock said...

Perhaps we'll have the xmas edition of 7/7. ( mind you,I wouldn't want to be wearing a fucking Santa costume anywhere near Stockwell tomorrow )

Anonymous said...

Spot on OR.
That's the kind of thing ;-)

Oh, and how's that Digital Britain bollocks coming along I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Christ, I hope not Ansel.

I was thinking more about them hiding something under Troughligate 2 rather than hiding Troughligate 2 under something else

BUT I wouldn't put it past the devious little shits!

Lauren Simcock said...

I'm not into these big conspiracy theories G.O.T.,but I honestly think 7/7 was not all we've been led to believe.There's a LOT of evidence out thats led me to question what actually happened that day,and the involvement of the British Government.I SOOOOO hope I'm wrong ( and would love NOTHING MORE than to be disproved )

Anonymous said...

Can we have a bad news leak time camera somewhere on thurs. Live steam would be best. Bet it's the fucking Bias bastard BBC who let it out, whatever it is. Oh and then it might get two shagging minutes on wank time with Mr repeat your question Fingelby