Monday, 7 December 2009

Three Biggest Lies Of All Time ++Updated++

In no particular order and unless you know any better of course ;-)

Please continue your excellent support for this campaign by adding one or two of these new images to the original ones you have so kindly posted on your blogs and forums.

And if this is the first time you have come across this campaign?
Just click on any image, to view the full sized artwork in a new window, and then you can download it from there. Simples.

Earlier images from the alternative Act On Co2 Advert Campaign
can be found HERE.

Images for non-sweary Hide The Decline adverts
can be found HERE.

The Act on Co2 Copenhagen Conference starts tomorrow (7th December) and lasts for a whole 12 bullshitting, carbon taxing days. Let's see if we can help address the balance a little by keeping up the publicity for climategate and hide the decline.

Keep spreading the word!

++++Update 7th December+++
Following a few excellent suggestions in the comments,
here's a couple more versions to add to the series.

Including a non-sweary version ;-)

Hat tips to Polaris and Dazed

Watch the video HERE


Oldrightie said...

Are those lies ones Mandy said to Jimmy?

Anonymous said...

NIce one OR.

Perfectly feasible and probably true ;-)

Anonymous said...

Subrosa will be back tomorrow sometime

microdave said...

Good work, but I'm afraid they won't be going on the back of my car!

Katabasis said...

Haha - these are great.

I've added one of the new ones as my facebook profile picture.

Can anyone recommend any good businesses to approach for turning some of these into a ream of stickers? It would really help to get the meme out there and I don't mind spending a few quid.

While we're on the topic though, regarding the corruption at the centre of the AGW confluence - "its worse than we thought". Far far worse.

Climategate was only the first part. There's something far more serious, and rotten underneath that hardly anyone is talking about at the moment.

Please help to spread word on this issue.

JPT said...


Anonymous said...

Great news about Subrosa!
I've just had it confirmed ;-)

Thanks and I don't blame you about sticking them on your car but maybe you could do a bit of 'sticker terrorism' on other peoples' ;-)

I read that post of yours earlier.
Fucking scarey stuff!
Have tried to contact you via email about it but couldn't find your address. Perhaps you would drop me a line on mine. It's in the left sidebar ;-)

mungle said...

I hope you realise that all this denying is threatening Gordon's only chance of a half decent legacy!! Selfish buggers!!:-)And you can tell that he realises it.

Anonymous said...

Three greatest lies eh?

How the fuck about "No more boom and bust"? I do seem to recall a certain one eyed gentleman arrogantly insisting on that ridiculous misnomer over the Years..

Katabasis said...

Hey GOT - sent you an email.

Trident said...

British Jobs for British Workers?

Or from a female point of view - "Yes of course I came", "Size doesn't matter" and the old "You are the first"

Just thought I'd inject a bit of gender balance GOT, sorry...

Anonymous said...

No need to apologise Polaris, all opinions always welcome here.

Great suggestions! I think I'll do another advert using your female point of view and Dazed's offering too.

Thanks to you both for the input ;-)

Barking Spider said...

Well I've definitely NEVER lied about MMGW, but the first two........that's showbusiness!

banned said...

More good stuff G.O.T., happy to help.
Any half decent print-shop should be able to print posters from a .jpeg but probably quite expensive. How about sending a few to the Daily Mail ?

Anonymous said...

"Trust Me "

Tony Blair
Dave Cameron
The Liberal Wotsisname

Lies from Gordon

Impossible to just name 3.

It would need a referendum to settle that

The problem would be that would need a Pearl and Dean poster at font size 8 to write them all down.

microdave said...

@Dazed And Confused - I thought your suggestion was a good one, so I did something with it, as you will see above. Hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Just had 5 minutes of no-stop AGW BULLSHIT on Radio 4.
For a station that is already biased to turn itself over so readily and completely to the scaremongers rolling in research grants makes me want to puke.

Keep up the good work GOT and others, we have to end this.

Amusing Bunni said...

I put another one right up top on my sidebar, linking to here!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Bunni, thanks for your support ;-)

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Loverly, I'll try an stick one of them on my shop.

banned said...

Nice, one for the ladies " the size of your dick doesn't matter", LOL.

cathysue said...

i'm takin' one or two cuz bunni told me to. lol decisions decisions. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent posters/ideas GOT. Will be printing some off and attaching to my 4x4.


Crap said...

There's a cartoon here but the 2nd last picture is in need of some tip-ex:

Anonymous said...

Great link, thanks.
I'll try and get that into a post soon ;-)