Sunday, 27 December 2009

Tracey Connelly: Christmas Day Menu

Tracey Connelly, the disgusting piece of shite that was the mother and murderer of baby Peter Connelly, has been able to enjoy the kind of merry Christmas that poor Baby P was never allowed to live, to see.

"They get treated to the Full Monty here," said a furious source at the top security Low Newton jail in County Durham.

Along with her close friend, Rose West, the pair of child killing scum were able to gorge themselves on a christmas feast, in jail, all courtesy of the tax payers.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, a traditional lunch of turkey, stuffing, sausages in bacon, minted new potatoes, roast parsnips, sprouts, carrots, cranberry sauce and gravy. For dessert, there was a choice of Christmas pudding with white sauce or ice cream or fresh fruit. Then, after some festive fun and games, it was on to the jumbo triple chocolate muffins, christmas cake with marzipan, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, crisps, noodles, lemonade and chocolate biscuits. Finally the bloated beasts were able to round off their day with hot chocolate and mince pies.

During his all too short and tortuous life, Baby Peter had to scavenge for broken biscuits and eat dirt in the garden because his own mother couldn't be bothered to feed him.

It really does beggar fucking belief.

It's time to bring an end to these ridiculously unjust situations.

Bring back hanging.

That is all.



banned said...

No doubt served at table by wardens, sorry, Staff dressed up as Santa Claus and his elves, addressing her as Madam or Mrs. Connelly to show respect for her inner self-esteem.
I expect the bitch moaned about not having any brandy on the Xmas pud.

Anonymous said...

Not only bring back hanging for trials in the future - also have a complete cull throughout HMPs of paedos, child killers, thugs like the lot that murdered Gary Newlove who are currently enjoying their Christmas Roasts, iPods & widescreen TVs. Followed by Treason Trials for the Cabinet, fraud trials for the majority of MPs - then start the New Year properly.

String 'em up! said...

When the revolution is finally in full swing, there's nothing to stop us from rampaging through the prisons and dragging out the child killers for hanging. Just because they were sentenced to x years (or months more like) under the old regime doesn't mean we're obliged to respect such outrageous injustice. Indeed it is our civic duty to execute these scum! And in the most colourful way possible!

Bob de Bilde said...

Capital punishment will never be reintroduced as long as we belong to the EU.

Capital punishment can only be reintroduced WHEN we withdraw from he EU and start to make our own laws.

Bring On The Revolution said...

And don't forget that other piece of lowlife scum either, by the name of Ian Huntley, the Soham child killer! Another piece of vermin that's living the life of riley in jail.It makes me fucking sick to the stomach that such pondlife have such an easy life in jail, it's nothing short of scandalous. Another nice, long and slow and painful form of execution for all these depraved peadophile scums is the forced drinking of sulphuric acid or caustic soda so they burn from the inside out. Burning at the stake is another great way to get rid of these filthy evil beasts, all live on national t.v of course!! Hang them high! Most definately bring back the death penalty and to hell with the treacherous, treasonous, Labour, leftie, do-gooder human rights brigade, who themselsves ought to be put on trial and executed, guilty as charged!

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, that is Awful! Bitch eats better than we do.
Hanging is too good for her. Poor little Baby P!, God rest his soul.

Ashtrayhead said...

I never thought I'd be able to afford all that food, but obviously the tax-man knows different!

Snarky Basterd said...

In public, G.O.T. In public on Saturday morning. May she choke to death on a broom stick ... first shoved up her ass.

Lauren Simcock said...

Justice???? What a fucking joke.She should be left in her cell and made to scavenge around for rats.That poor child had to do a similar thing,so why can't this useless scum? I agree with you Gotty.We should bring back hanging,but it will never happen.Too many do-good,limp-wristed,human 'rights' wankers to allow that to happen.And it would be ( joke of all jokes ) unconstitutional!! I believe a lot of our problems with PC bollocks ect,started when they banned caning in schools.Never did me any harm,and it set me up to respect other people throughout my life.Now when you look at schools ( I used to be a school photographer,so I've had my fair share at the sharp end ) all you see is violent abusive little shits with no sense of discipline or respect.They are little more than thug training grounds,and THAT'S where I believe the problems in later life begin.

Anonymous said...

She would have got the electric chair here in the U.S. Her boyfriend and his brother would have also! Why don't you have a death penalty there?