Friday, 25 December 2009

The Spirit of Grumpy Old Twatmas

Just about recovered from yesterday's annual man pilgrimage to the High Street, despite the best efforts of the Society of Twatish Drivers, and the big day is finally here. In fact I feel almost cheery as I sit here awaiting a hearty meal and the impending arrival of my very good friends 'Chablis', 'St.Emilion' and 'Islay'. My other good friend, 'Moet', arrived much earlier today but has already departed following a rather excellent Christmas morning bucks fizz fest!

A Grumpy Old Twat Mas to one and all, have a great day, eat drink and be merry but please spare a thought for the less fortunate.



Houdini said...

Same to you, and Merry Christmas to all.

Which Islay Got? I've just cracked open a bottle of Lagavullin, not to mention a 20 yr old Ramos Pinto port, that no fucker, and I mean no fucker, is going to even fucking sniff but me.

Be good, stay cool, and keep your fucking ring piece behind you!

Merry Christmas!!!

Barking Spider said...

You're a bit ahead of me,there, Gotty, but I'm sure I'll make up for it later!

Merry Christmas, mate. :-D

Anonymous said...

All is well at the house of headsonpoles (whilst I contemplate life chnging decisions - I always do when pissed) and I hope it is the same where you are.
Best wishes to all - except troughing MPs and anything Labour.
Merry Christmas :0)

microdave said...

I'm going to be the Grumpy one for a change.

Why can't I just enjoy the (relative) peace and quiet that Christmas day usually brings?

I always feel "obliged" to join family gatherings where they all end up shouting whilst trying be heard above one another. There's always some stupid game which nobody understands. And I end up doing the bloody driving, so I can't get pissed even if I wanted to.....

Merry Christmas MY ARSE!!!!

Amusing Bunni said...

Merry Christmas, Gotty, and all your readers. I'm sure you've had a most festive day, with all the wonderful friends you've invited over! Great links on the greeting, as well. Happy Christmas & Boxing Day too.

banned said...

Hope you had a great day G.O.T., just recovering from my alcohol fuelled frenzy before preparing for the bracing Boxing Day walk as ordered by our lovely caring Government.

Thorum said...

I wanted to thank you for your good work and wish you a happy and healthy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Bowmore for me this year which has been going down a treat. No port as yet but hoping father-in-law will come up trumps later ;-)

That's the spirit, I find if I fuck the games up I don't get asked to play again. Result ;-)

Anonymous said...

Boxing day walk, Banned?
Steady on, we don't want everyone thinking you're some kind of health freak, unless of course you mean a purposeful stroll down to the 'offy' and back ;-)

Cheers Thorum, same for you and thanks for stopping by ;-)

Bunni, Barking & Headson
Cheers all, had an excellent day and hope you did too. More of the same today, eh ;-)

banned said...

I got as far as The Royal Oak G.O.T., for a couple of stiff Glenmorangies in the pale afternoon sunset enjoying a smoke with some jolly co-smokers in the riverside garden..